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Letters to the Editors

County's possible battle against adult businesses would waste our money

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 9, 2001

Editor: One might think that Pasco County commissioners might have enough good sense to look a few miles south and learn a few lessons from the foibles of that city by the bay. Of course, one would be wrong: when did common sense ever infect a politician?

Seems like Pasco's county commissioners, like their Tampa counterparts, are about to blow a huge wad of our money (remember that, fellow voters: our money, not theirs) making certain that people trying to have fun do it with clothes on.

Why they're so all-fired concerned about what others wear (or don't wear) I've never been able to figure out. Maybe it's because they're jealous, given how no one has ever expressed any interest in seeing the commission au naturel, or maybe they think the money paid to dancers could be put to better use bribing them to sell out to developers. Whatever the reason(s), I'm dead sure it's not the stated claim of protecting the public.

I mean, I would understand if they were trying to close down all the bars, given the number of numbskulls who kill others while under the influence of alcohol. I would equally understand if they banned driving while talking on cell phones. I would understand a ban on smoking in public places, excepting those where everyone there knew and accepted the health risks involved, since exposure to secondhand smoke is an unquestionable health hazard.

However, the choice of some people to cavort naked, and others to be foolish enough to pay to watch them, harms no one except the guy who opened his wallet -- and you can't always protect every sucker. If the government wants to do that, there are far bigger fish to fry. But our politicians, being generally gutless in nature, only want to pick on places involved in politically incorrect activities, like strip clubs.

Though I've no interest in such places, I don't concern myself with censoring those who do, and I certainly see no reason to shell out tax money on a case which is certain to accomplish only one thing: enrich the lawyers. By the way, in the interests of disclosure, I know Luke Lirot, and I have nothing against him nor against his making money -- but I don't want to be the one paying the bill!
-- Brent Yaciw, Wesley Chapel

Plans for adult businesses unduly restrict our rights

Re: Adult businesses feeling the pressure, March 4 Times:

Editor: Welcome to the new world order, a time when Americans live as they're told, or are sanctioned for the rest of their miserable little lives!
-- Ann Wilson, Spring Hill

Low-income housing ignores residents' interests

Editor: I can't help but marvel at the actions of some of the politicians in Pasco County. I am continually amazed and dismayed by the arrogance and audacity of our elected officials.

A commission meeting was held to sell the citizens of Embassy Hills on the idea to build a low-income housing project. It was very obvious that the citizens were vehemently against this project.

I have personally witnessed what happens to an area that was forced to be hosts to low-income housing. I have seen what happens to people who have spent their whole lives paying for a home only to have the value of the home plummet when the low-income housing was built. I have seen big, multimillion-dollar stores close rather than continually lose money. I have seen violent crimes of all kinds triple within a year after low-income housing opened.

Every community should have low-income housing for the elderly. Especially the elderly and the young too, but to have three built within two miles of each other is ridiculous.

I would suggest that all citizens remember the names of the commissioners who voted against the will of the citizens of Embassy Hills in favor of the Lake Lisa housing project. If you have forgotten their names, they are: Hildebrand, Schrader and Altman. Remember them when you vote; they voted against the people.

When elected officials, almost as if by divine right, smugly ignore the constituents, it is time for a change. Remember the next time you vote.

If our properties decline in value, then our property taxes decline also. Then where will the monies come from to pay for the extra police that will have to be on patrol to keep the crime down in these declining neighborhoods?
-- Dennis Lawson, Port Richey

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