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Letters to the Editors

Watch politician spending and then reap the financial rewards

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 13, 2001

Editor: Re: Thurman: Tax cut puts cart before horse, March 12 Hernando Times:

Congresswoman Karen Thurman's "prudence" in regard to her desire to have an agreed-upon budget before "doling out tax breaks" is a far-too-typical politician's method of operating. Politicians love to set up programs first and then figure out how to pay for them, i.e., impose taxes.

Despite her contention that it is better to "plan first . . . like any responsible family would," I contend that a truly responsible family or business should first and foremost figure out how much income it has. Then, and only then, plan how to spend it.

The reason that politicians love to "plan" first is because, unlike the responsible family or business with finite limits on revenue, legislatures can tax and tax and tax as long as we let them. The potential for new revenue is limited only by how closely we monitor their desire to fund all things for all people.

The mix of needed projects and programs, unneeded projects and programs, altruistic projects and programs and out-and-out special interest giveaways is a concoction that our Congress needs our constant guidance on: Our first guideline should be: "Here is how much money we are willing to let you manage for us. Now, spend only that amount and give the rest back!"
-- Thomas J. Fallon, Lecanto

Pepper plant situation can have a practical solution

Editor: Re: Proposed Brazilian pepper plant ordinance:

I am so glad I don't have Brazilian pepper plants in my yard because if this ordinance to eradicate them goes into effect, I fear the spraying will effect my health. I'm allergic to a lot of things. I can't even stand putting perfume on myself. It makes me break out in hives.

I could sure use the money that a lawsuit could bring, but I don't want to have to get sick in order to try to collect.

I read that when the county comes on to your property to kill this plant, they could kill everything else in your yard with it. Is this what we want for Florida? It's hot enough down here and houses need all the shade they can get.

If homeowners would just cut their lawn and weed their gardens when they are supposed to, they wouldn't have plants growing out of control. I have no problem with an overgrown yard, but if your orange tree or something is going to hang over into my yard, I'll either take you to court or ask if I can have some of the fruit.

Any commissioner or other politician who votes to approve this ordinance will not get my vote when they run again. I realize that we are a nation of laws, but now it's getting out of hand. Sometimes I think government does things so they can take advantage later.

One letter writer hit the nail squarely on the head when she said that all the pepper plant ordinance would do is create hardship for those people on fixed incomes. Politicians are a greedy bunch who love separating citizens from their money. They are looting America and it has to stop.

Another letter writer, who said that anyone who owns a house is well off, is wrong. Just because a person owns a house doesn't mean he or she is well off. As a matter of fact, if you have a thousand dollars, you can buy a home in a matter of weeks. It's getting easier to buy a house, especially for first-time buyers.
-- Calliope Snow, Spring Hill

Parkway ban would not hurt truckers' schedules

Editor: Re: Noise unsettles parkway neighbors, March 11 Hernando Times:

I thought the term "parkway" meant a highway without trucks. Maybe they can be banned.

After all, there's only a few minutes driving time saved to Tampa compared with U.S. 41.
-- John Herbert, Spring Hill

Dog owners need to take care of neighborhood

Editor: Nine months ago we moved into our new villa in the upscale, beautiful community of Silverthorn. We have met a lot of nice people who appreciate the beautiful surroundings and make an extra effort to keep it so.

However, a few well-meaning individuals who own dogs do not seem to take into consideration where their animals defecate.

In the Sterling Run section of the area, individuals who live three to four blocks away bring their dogs to this area to relieve themselves. We who live in the new section of Sterling Run would appreciate some consideration and expect those individuals to use their own premises and areas for their animals.
-- Thomas A. Kopitnik, Brooksville

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