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Letters to the Editors

Idea for replacing fountain

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 24, 2000

Why don't we do away with the fountain in the middle of the roundabout? It is expensive to repair and maintain, as well as a hazard when the wind blows spray on cars in the circle.

Recently, I was in Washington, D.C., and visited the Hirshhorn Museum, where they have an outside sculpture garden. One of its main attractions is the Rodin sculpture called The Burghers of Calais, a group of five weeping city burghers (commissioners?) who gave themselves as hostages to the English to spare the city.

Although I don't condone the sacrifice of our Clearwater city commissioners, it would be fitting to commemorate them in a group sculpture (six, with the city manager) in the middle of the roundabout. To have them sobbing would be a nice touch.

Who knows, it might become a major tourist attraction. By the way, Rodin also did another sculpture called The Gates of Hell, which aptly describes the roundabout on a weekend.
-- Rene A. Boulay, Clearwater

Clearwater dishonest in pushing lease referendum

Re: Country Club finds lease loophole, story, March 23.

Clearwater city officials clearly lied to the voters on this issue.

The city propaganda for the recent election was that the city would be unable to renew the lease with Clearwater Country Club if the referendum to change the 60-year lease limit is not removed from the City Charter. Now, after the voters overwhelmingly defeated the proposal, it's disclosed that the statement was not true and that city officials knew it in January, when plans were made to renew the lease using a different method if the referendum failed.

There may be nothing anyone can do about such action by city officials, but their credibility with me on future referendum votes is lost forever.
Bob Coffey, Clearwater

Ambulance workers have an important job to do

I want to commend Sunstar ambulance No. 487 and the paramedics on their professional manner and care they provided me and my family. When my husband found me unconscious and called 911, they were at my home in less than 5 minutes, stabilized me and transported me to Largo Medical Center.

We need to realize that when an ambulance is approaching with its sirens and lights going, cars need to quickly and safely move out of the way and let the ambulance pass. It may be transporting someone (possibly your loved one) in a life-threatening situation.
Rosemary Hetzendorfer, Clearwater

Litter should be taken care of no matter where it is found

Re: Take a few minutes to help keep litter in its place, letter, Feb. 2.

I wish to thank the Times for printing my letter (referenced above) and Starkey Elementary School for taking care of the little pieces of colored paper that I had found along 86th Avenue and 98th Street. There has been no more colored paper littering the streets.

This past Sunday across from Osceola Middle School there was a large area that had a lot of trash. I think the trash collectors are shaking the hoppers into their trucks again along this section. It may seem strange to some people how different this trash was from every other Sunday morning, but since I have been picking up along the same area for so many years, I can tell.

If anyone sees a trash truck doing this, please take down the company name, time of day and the location, then report it to the company. Littering is against the law. Help keep our neighborhood clean.
Mary Anne Hamilton, Seminole

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