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Letters to the Editors

Officers wasting time monitoring nude dance clubs

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 28, 2001

Editor: Is there something in our diminishing water wells or am I living in a different land called Pasco County?

A quick look at the Times should certainly alert everyone that criminal activity is, indeed, on our doorstep. Road accidents, near misses, speeding and other incidents are common occurrences on our crowded, temper-inhabited roads.

It puts a great deal of strain on our overburdened, underpaid, front-line deputies and officers who perform dangerous and difficult tasks with great aplomb.

But alas, county officials, having sensed the growing danger to our citizenry, have responded heroically to the county menace of scantily clad women referred to as lap dancers.

By dispatching undercover officers from an already understaffed contingency of law enforcement personnel to protect the lawyers, businessmen and other professionals who, of course, unknowingly venture into these establishments.

Is this the most effective use of our limited number of available officers when banks, stores and homes are robbed and people are assaulted? I am more concerned about being robbed or assaulted than I am about losing sleep over someone touching another's buttocks.

Most of us couldn't care less if these establishments fold up tomorrow, and many consider them an eyesore and an affront to decency, depending on one's point of view. But, if they are deemed legal and have a right to exist and there are no physical dangers to people involved, let the courts handle it. The police have more pressing challenges to confront than being used as a tool to close these establishments for political purposes and public pressure.

I have great sympathy for neighborhoods that find in their midst establishments that would be better suited in a zoned area far removed from family environments. Zoning would seem the logical solution to this dilemma of social conflict. Free up the police to spend their efforts apprehending the real criminals we all fear the most.
-- Zenon L. Vernik, Zephyrhills

Lack of parking a problem at this year's Chasco Fiesta

Editor: The 2001 Chasco Fiesta was a disgrace. It was much different from the previous years. However, the Indian theme was displayed throughout the parade. One of my issues with this year's parade is there was no parking!

They used to have Main Street open until the parade started. Now, if you don't know New Port Richey like the back of your hand, you won't be able to reach the parade. You had to go around Main Street to find somewhere to park, and they had detour signs and roads closed off. It was a disgrace.

Forget the parade wearing you out, all you had to do is walk from your car to the parade and you'd be exhausted.

Then, the police were complaining at people blocking other people's driveways. Well, where are people supposed to park if all of the big churches and medical buildings' parking lots are blocked off?

Even if you reached Main Street by noon, you weren't actually at the parade until 1 p.m. It took that long to find a parking spot. Hopefully, next year, the city will be able to provide parking for all of the many people who come to watch the parade.
-- Jessica Marlette, Hudson

As Pasco keeps growing, so do crime and traffic

Editor: Wake-up call for Pasco County. Just read the daily newspaper resports:

Another 1,200 homes approved for State Road 54.

Another bank robbery in Land O'Lakes.

Traffic gridlock in Wesley Chapel.

Another fatal crash on State Road 54 or State Road 52.

1,599 new homes approved for "development."

Crime increasing in quiet Zephyrhills RV park.

Road rage increasing.

Another bank robbery in Land O'Lakes.

Low-income apartments approved for Port Richey.

Another person robbed in Wal-Mart parking lot.

Traffic gridlock at Collier Parkway.

2,500 new homes approved for Wesley Chapel.

Fifth robbery in two months at mom-and-pop store in Dade City.

Traffic gridlock at U.S. 41 and State Road 54.

Another bank robbery in Land O'Lakes.

Notice any pattern here?
-- Debbie Moore, Land O'Lakes

Rules must change on lawsuits that affect homes for elderly

Editor: As a resident of one of the local assisted-living facilities, I fear my way of life as a senior citizen is being threatened by out-of-control lawsuit costs, making insurance companies in Florida charge such high prices for liability insurance, meaning that many assisted-living facilities and nursing homes will have to close.

It forces people like me who were doing just fine to move, but to where?

The ability of Florida's assisted-living facilities to offer limited nursing home service (not 24-hour skilled care) helps many residents like myself continue to live with independence and dignity -- not in a place where I am forced to live, but a place I have chosen to live. I believe reforms are needed to curb lawsuit abuse, still assuring that the rights of assisted-living residents as well as their ability to win just, fair compensation, remains intact.

I sincerely urge all people involved in this type of care to please write your local Florida representative in Tallahassee. Maybe they can do something to change the rules on lawsuits that force more assisted-living residents to leave their homes for a nursing home they did not choose.

Everyone says the golden years are wonderful. Yes, they can be when you are not taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies that wipe out the little savings you have at the end of the road.
-- May M. Plennert, New Port Richey

Port Richey could get better deal for removal of wood

Editor: Can't anyone in this vast province of Port Richey come up with a simple solution to the tree burning to clean land? Haul it away for $30,000?

Call a firm that sells firewood, and it will gladly make a contract to pick it up for "free." That is, if you want to get rid of the wood that fast. So please the people and use the telephone to call these firms.
-- Kurt Booth, Holiday

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