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Letters to the Editors

Excuse me, but it's time to wake up to road's toll

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 29, 2000

Editor: It seems to me there are three kinds of Citrus County residents. The first group is for the Suncoast toll road: builders, bankers and developers to name some. The second group is against the road: the people who care about the environment (air, water, animals and vegetation).

This letter is for the third group, those who really don't know much about the subject, or nothing at all.

Please wake up before it's too late and get the facts. This road will cause air and water pollution. It will destroy wildlife and their habitat. It will bring more people. It will crowd our county roads even more. It will raise taxes. It will bring crime. And it will hurt the middle and lower classes more than the affluent.

Also ask yourselves what the real motives are behind those "for" and those "against." What is to be gained by each? Money and profit on one hand, and keeping Citrus County beautiful and growth-controlled to its present level on the other hand. We are the Nature Coast, not the Cement Coast.

If Citrus County could grow at its current steady pace, we could gradually better the roads, provide more police protection, solve our water and sewer problems and more. We here in Citrus have so many unsolved problems. Let's not add more and more until we become Tampa Bay.

Speak up now. Please don't let a handful of people decide your lifestyle for the next century.
-- Carlette Max, Beverly Hills

Thanks for the memories

Editor: Recently I was selected as the Citrus County School District's 2000 Support Person of the Year. I was deeply touched by this honor and will cherish the memories of the day forever. I would like to thank all the businesses and individuals for the numerous gifts that were given to all the support persons of the year.

I commend our local newspapers for their coverage and recognition of all support persons of the year. In closing, I would like to thank everyone for their telephone calls, e-mails, cards, etc.
-- Polly Davis, Dunnellon

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