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Letters to the Editors

Commission shows lack of empathy

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 29, 2000

Editor: We read with some trepidation Commission drops voter input on senior tax break, March 22 Hernando Times:

Perhaps we are wrong, but it was our understanding this issue was decided favorably by the voters. In any case, no empathy was shown for those of us facing financial difficulties, except by Commissioner Nancy Robinson.

In my case, I suffered a serious back injury when a boat lift collapsed on top of me while I was opening a charter boat business. I could not afford the high taxes in the Florida Keys, and we built a modest two-bedroom home on a lot we purchased here for retirement in the Centralia area. In 1980, our taxes were $200. Now they are more than $600, with so-called assessments. On a fixed Social Security income, the small raises for inflation never covered the inflationary increases of taxes and insurance. Now, as I approach 80 years of age, after serving the public for nearly 50 years and caring for an 81-year-old wife with memory loss, we are in need of all the help we can get.

Without notice, the commission has destroyed our hopes of some tax relief. To add insult to injury, Commissioner Paul Sullivan said: "There is not overwhelming concern on this issue." My reply is, "Did you not make this callous decision without our input?"
-- Ray Boymer, Brooksville

Imagine a cement plant from 1,000 feet in the air

Editor: Out of sight, out of mind?

Folks who are pro-cement plant should see it from 1,000 feet. It's an understatement to say it's a blight on our landscape.

Our commissioners should get aboard a light plane and see it for themselves, then imagine what another would look like.
-- Bob Gagne, Spring Hill

Civic association member remembered

Editor: Anyone who was associated with Gordie Colvin knew him as a truly great person. Being a member of the Spring Hill Civic Association, I got to know what a fine gentleman we had to help bring Spring Hill to a higher level than before he arrived.

Gordie was well-educated, raised a gentleman, a wonderful volunteer and a truly great person. Spring Hill was very lucky to have Gordie, and his loss will be felt for years.

Of those who knew him, they can say nothing but the best about him. He, too, had nothing to say against anyone who knew him.

We are better off to have had Gordie here in Spring Hill. I do hope he knew we appreciated his joining our association. He was very much loved and we need more people of the high caliber of Gordie. They are few and far between.
-- Rosalie Fredericks, Spring Hill

The medical community must be held accountable

Re: Settlement won't take away pain, by Hernando Times staff writer Jamie Malernie, March 16:

I have just finished drying my eyes from reading the article. I commend the Times for printing the article, but it is only a beginning.

It seems articles of this nature have appeared in our local newspaper with alarming frequency. I am beginning to wonder if there might not be something here that merits a closer look. How can these "miscommunications" occur, and seemingly more and more often? Better yet, how can we, as a society, sit idly by and watch them happen?

The medical community shouts that cutbacks and government intervention are forcing their position, while the beneficiaries are decrying an overwhelming amount of information to sift through, while receiving less and less care. Money, and the acquisition of it, cannot -- must not -- be the great motivator.

My heart goes out to the Lanzar family. I am no stranger to some of what they are going through. The road before them has now become laden with difficulties and tribulations and, yes, heartache.

God has a plan; far be it from us to realize what that plan might be. I know. I ask myself that question every day in the case of my own father. And yes, I berate myself every day for not asking more questions, pushing harder for answers.

But underneath it all there's one nagging question: Where is the medical community's accountability? As patients, do we not have the most basic of rights to assume our medical needs will be met with accuracy, efficiency and maybe just a modicum of compassion?

I applaud the efforts of the Lanzar family, in the midst of all that is going on, to seek out and demand accountability.
-- Carol Angelo, Spring Hill

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