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Letters to the Editors

Businesses need to use a light touch

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 2, 2000

Editor: Re: Businesses help pay for lighting on perilous road, March 30 Hernando Times:

I would like to offer a possible solution to our perceived driving hazard on Shoal Line Boulevard. As with most issues in life, we must start at the beginning.

When entering Hernando Beach from either the south or north, we must illuminate the Osowaw Boulevard entranceway at U.S. 19 with no fewer than 10 streetlights that will assure visitors and residents alike that they have reached the right place. As you first venture toward the beach, you should see the sewage treatment plant illuminated with a multicolored tropical lighting scheme. The shame is we cannot illuminate the smell.

Stutter-type lights that point you toward our beautiful county dump should immediately follow this. I would think as a special aesthetic value, Osowaw Boulevard should have runway-type lights that lead you to our world-renowned tombstone entranceway. This particular landmark should be lit with darker, cemetery-type lighting effects to include a smoke machine for added ambiance. As you turn to the north on Shoal Line Boulevard, you should once again pick up your trail by the runway lights that lead you toward two huge anti-aircraft search lights that preferably spin and gyrate back and forth.

As residents we will be in less need of the following but should consider visitors and out-of-towners strange to our area. Along with a street light every 600 feet, each business should illuminate itself with various spotlights, lighted signs and streaming carnival-type lights to ensure that people driving by can see them. Along with the illumination of every empty commercial lot should be a special lighting scheme for the pile of junk cars that sit at our entranceway. Other lighting materials such as candles and gas lanterns can be placed every 50 feet between streetlights to ensure safe navigation from point to point.

Let's address another problem as well. Living on my road, I have no problem navigating off my block. My neighbor has assured my night vision with his streetlight posted over the water at his dock. This lights up a square-block area for us to see at night. But I have still got to navigate six blocks till I reach our soon-to-be-lighted midway atmosphere. The idea of runway lights or each homeowner putting spotlights in their front yard may help this. The other possibility is for each homeowner to back his car into the driveway and leave the lights on.

We all must do our part to ensure that people and wildlife can move about freely without someone hitting them with a car. Study the facts and you will learn that lights, or lack thereof, don't kill or injure; people kill or injure.

In addition, please do not construct a bike path or walkway along Shoal Line Boulevard. This would make way too much sense. Please do not give pedestrians the right to move about safely on this stretch of road. The idea of illuminating this road so that we can see what we are hitting is a good one.

Chalk another one up for our ever-present and thoughtful business community.
-- Joseph A. Milne, Hernando Beach

Commissioner needs to ask voters' opinions

Re: Commission shows lack of empathy, March 29 letter to the editor:

After reading Ray Boymer's letter to the editor, I completely concur with him. I am not sure where Paul Sullivan gets his information that there was not overwhelming concern on this issue. He must be kidding. I'm sure most elderly taxpayers in Hernando County are greatly concerned.

Just poll them, Mr. Sullivan, and you will be surprised. Learn from other counties.
-- Raymond A. Belanger, Spring Hill

Residents need to help conserve water

Re: County passes a burn ban, March 29 letter to the editor:

There are many ways we can conserve water. Don't let the water run when brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. Run the washer and dishwasher only when full, and cut down on the amount of grass in the yard.

If you must have a yard full of grass, opt for a drought-tolerant variety. Make larger planting areas and use drought-tolerant and native plants. There are so many beautiful plants that are native to the dry areas of our county.

Call the Cooperative Extension Office to learn more about these plants and where to find them.
-- Cindy Conard, Brooksville

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