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Letters to the Editors

Party should join ranks, solve leadership question

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 11, 2000

Re: County GOP chief fights to keep his post, April 6

Editor: I want to start by congratulating your publication for its objective reporting of this matter, which easily could have been skewed in any number of directions. As a member of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee I feel that this letter reflects my sentiments and that of many other registered Republicans and committee members on this matter.

I find it difficult to believe that a gentleman like Dr. Zolton Mayer, with his background, education and experience as chairman of the George W. Bush campaign and the executive committee for the county, could actually be coerced into signing agreements regarding his resignation. As a member of the committee, I have never to date had any reason to question Dr. Mayer's judgment, integrity, motivation and ability to run the committee. However, in my opinion, Mayer's recent letter to the membership demonstrated not only poor judgment, but poor leadership as well. Anyone that could be made to, as he stated in his letter, "sign a deal under duress," is capable of doing anything when subjected to pressure. If he cares for the party, believes in the democratic process and has the support of the committee, as he claims, he should call upon the committee to resolve this rather than postpone a meeting.

This is a matter that needs immediate internal resolution and if a change of leadership is necessary, it will come about using Robert's Rules of Order and the democratic process. Whether elections are held or Mayer remains, the entire membership should accept the final decision of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee and reaffirm their promise to support the party and put this incident behind us. To belabor this issue any longer will serve no useful purpose. Therefore, the meeting should be held without further delay so that we can get back to concentrating on the upcoming election.
-- Ed Mejias, Land O'Lakes

Buntings keep a tight rein on fellow Republicans

Editor: Nothing more warms the cockles of my heart fo see the Buntings fighting with their own kind. The Buntings seem to have a mystical hold on their compadres by saying "They will show up if I say so," meaning the Saturday party meeting that was canceled by Dr. Mayer.

Or better yet, do we have a little Gestapo here?
-- Elisa Williams, Hudson

Articles about candidate hurt him, election unfairly

Editor: It was with extreme disappointment that I read your articles about Ted Thomas. It is unbelievable that you should bring up an old incident from nine years ago in spite of all the good he had done to the community. Did this incident affect the quality of service he gave the city while on City Council for seven years? No. Even you complimented him on his work then. Why would it affect the service he would give the city as mayor? It wouldn't. Do you realize the far-reaching implications of what you wrote? This affected more than just an election for mayor. It affected his business, his relationship with his family and probably any future involvement and leadership he may be able to give to the city.

What you did to Ted is only a small part of a bigger problem, that of getting good people to run for political office. After this incident, I wonder how many other people who have anything at all in their distant past will choose not to run for office knowing that it may be headline news. How many people are willing to risk the possibility of having their reputations destroyed by the Times? You have hurt the local political process more than you will ever know with this story.
-- Jim Smetzer, New Port Richey

Water-use rules don't make sense

Editor: During a recent phone call to Pasco County Utilities I was informed that if I wished, I could have a professional wash my house, for which I would have to pay around $50, and that I could not use my own pressure washer to wash my house unless I was going to paint my house.

I'm in favor of water restrictions and I will abide by them, but how is it I can pay for it but I can't do it myself? (I do it once a year) Do I use more water? Of course not!

I understand Pinellas County can wash cars -- do they get water from Pasco?

Let's get some consistency with these rules.
-- Frank P. Mehok, Hudson

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