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Letters to the Editors

Can't that water be reused?

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 19, 2001

Re: Despite drought, Pinellas valves spit out clean water, April 16.

Editor: Times writer Ed Quioco, in the article on purging so-called stagnant water from water lines, writes that thousands of gallons of drinking water a day are spewed into the streets to flush water lines. It was reported that Pinellas County flushes 650,000 gallons a day from its pipes.

One day last spring during the drought, I saw an Aloha Utilities worker flush a fire hydrant near my house for almost one hour. Why does all this water have to be wasted? Why not use fire trucks or other tank trucks to collect this water and return it to the freshwater treatment plant for rechlorination or other reprocessing?

At least it could be used as recycled water.
-- William Schwartz, New Port Richey

Drug, alcohol users need help

Editor: We have been reading for years that we need more prisons. Why does the state attorney insist on this? What we need are rehabilitation centers. All these people on drugs and alcohol need extensive treatment. These people are not hardened criminals or murderers; they need help.

Yes, they can turn their lives around, finding why they do these things. Then they can understand and learn to accept things that are more important.

A friend of mine is doing four years for drugs. He gets no help, just works hard every day, mixed in with all types of criminals.
-- Larry Burri, Holiday

'Democracy' in New Port Richey

Editor: Another broken promise, like all the rest, for six years, has proven that New Port Richey is determined to finish destroying this area.

We thought it was against the law to cause homes to flood and destroy the water quality. The underhanded tactics used by this city manager are sickening, and the people on this City Council let him get away with it.

Bob Moore, among others, including myself, agree that City Manager Gerald Seeber has set up his own form of government.

The city engineer is told what kind of report to bring back. With the power the council members give him, to hire and fire, they have to do as they are told. There is no democracy in this city unless he says so.

Ginny Miller's campaign slogan was to see that our drainage problem, which has been ignored for so long, was taken care of. What happened, Ginny?

Mr. Seeber said we don't pay enough taxes for them to fix a problem they caused. The government is called Seeberism, with the City Council as the puppeteers.

Twelve years is too long for this man, who should be given a mule and bologna sandwich and led to the city limits. Maybe then there can be democracy in New Port Richey again. We are not going away and let you destroy our homes.
-- Bill Langston, New Port Richey

Letter writer spews bigotry

Re: Billboard in Spanish an insult, April 13 letter.

Editor: I cannot believe, first off, that the St. Petersburg Times would find it acceptable to put such racist trash in the paper in this day and age! Here is a crazy "Yellow Dog Republican" who is not only angry but racist as well! I think the new billboard should be in Spanish and English because, for once, the law is letting people know we have zero tolerance -- no matter what their race! What a bunch of garbage that man spewed.

Is this what we have come to? Finger pointing and blaming people who have no control over the government?

How about being angry at the right group? I found what that man wrote offensive and outdated, to say the least. I guess it makes no difference to him that most sexual abusers of children are white males, or that almost every serial killer to date has been a white male. I could go on with statistics forever.

Again, we get to read the mindless ramblings of Pasco's good ol' boys. And shame on you, Times, for accepting such bigotry.
-- The Rev. Raquel Vallerand, Port Richey

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