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Letters to the Editors

Losing treasured oak to road would be tragic

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 28, 2000

Editor: We are members of Grace Tabernacle Independent Baptist Church on W Jefferson Street in Brooksville and must write to voice our opinion.

Our church family does not want to donate or have 35 feet of our land forcibly taken away for a frontage road and utilities for the city. This is property in the county.

We love trees! And, there is a very large oak tree, very old, probably 200 years, that covers 100 to 125 feet, and it would be destroyed. This is such a beautiful tree and it is a part of our church.

We have meetings under its spreading branches; our children can climb it, and we had 50 folks for an Easter Sunday sunrise service, as in other years.

Our anniversary Sunday is celebrated under the limbs of this tree. Usually 100 to 150 people come for dinner and everyone fits. It would be absolutely horrible to destroy this tree for road and traffic. This is a specimen tree; four feet from the ground, it's nearly 17 feet around. Please help us save it.

There is an alternate area for this road, but it was decided to take our land -- and tree. This was the City Council's decision.
-- Winona and Emery Pierce, Brooksville

How about helping animal shelter with surplus cash?

Editor: So, Hernando County has a surplus of $2.9-million and is wondering how to spend it? I can understand wanting to improve residential roads, but do we really need a $1-million dollar communication tower?

There was a proposal for $400,000 for a new animal control center. Those animals stay there no longer than five days, and if not adopted are then put down. How about using some of the money to help the Hernando Humane Society? This is a non-profit, no-kill shelter supported wholly by donations. It is not government funded in any way. The people working there do a great job but need additional kennels, air conditioning and heat in the present kennels, etc. There is no room for additional kennels on their property behind the present grounds, but they do not have the funds to build more and better kennels on that property.

Remember, folks, this is a place you can take your unwanted animals, and they are treated well and will not be killed -- ever.

I also agree with the letter writer who believes we need a countywide noise abatement ordinance, specifically aimed against boom-boxes in automobiles, one that will be enforceable and enforced. They are everywhere and very disturbing to other drivers. I live in Brookridge and they can be heard blocks away, and actually shake my house when they pass. How do these drivers stand that noise?
-- Mrs. James Eslick, Brooksville

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