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Moving data from old to new PC

Q. I am going to retire my old PC. What is the best way to transfer my existing files to a new PC? How do I remove existing files from the old PC?

A. There are several ways to do this. One, of course, is to use a floppy disk to transfer files you want to keep, although this becomes increasingly impractical as file sizes increase. Another option is to use a tape drive or a Zip disk. You also can create a network link between the two PCs using an Ethernet card or the Direct Cable Connection, which uses a parallel cable to simulate a network connection between the two systems. For information on how to set this up, check the Help in Windows for Direct Cable Connection or LapLink.

If you're comfortable with opening your computer's case, you can take your old hard drive and connect it as a slave drive (or secondary master) to your new hard drive. You may need to set jumper pins on one or both drives to make this work (check the disk documentation or the disk vendor's Web site for specifics). Once this is done, the slave drive becomes drive D. You can then copy files from D to your new C drive.

The best way to erase the old information is to boot to a Windows 9x Startup floppy, run FDisk to delete the primary partition, re-create it and then format the drive. Utilities to do this will be on the Startup floppy.

Norton SystemWorks

Q. Is Norton SystemWorks 2000 worth the money?

A. Symantec, the company that makes Norton SystemWorks, makes good products and has been around for a long time. With that said, aside from the anti-virus program (which is part of SystemWorks 2000), none of the other features hold any attraction for me. Most of these features are available to some extent as part of Windows 9x/2000.

Word's default template

Q. Somehow my son saved a document that evidently overwrote the file used by Word when you create a new document. Instead of getting a blank page, we get his document each time we create a new document. I have uninstalled and then installed Word to delete this new document, but it didn't work.

A. Try this: Open Word and create a new document. This should bring up the copy saved by your son. Modify the document (make it blank) and then do a "File, Save As." Select Document Template (*.dot) as the Save as type and give it the name Normal. This should overwrite the default Word template ( The uninstall/reinstall also would have worked had you first deleted

Home Publishing error

Q. While installing Microsoft Home Publishing 2000 software, I get an error about the End User License Agreement and then everything halts. Any idea what the problem could be?

A. According to Microsoft, this problem may occur because the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (VM) is damaged or NetZip is installed on your computer. To fix this, rename all copies of Msjava.dll and install Internet Explorer 5, using the following steps:

  1. Close all programs.
  2. On the Start menu, point to Find and click Files or Folders.
  3. In the Named box, type Msjava.dll
  4. In the "Look in'' box, select Local Hard Drives, if available, or drive C.
  5. Click Find Now.
  6. For each Msjava.dll file found, right-click the file and click Rename.
  7. Change the extension .dll to .old, and press ENTER.
  8. To install Internet Explorer 5 from the Office 2000 CD-ROM, double-click IE5Setup.exe in the \IE5\En folder on the root of the CD-ROM drive.
  9. Install Home Publishing 2000.

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