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Letters to the Editors

Judges need to give dads equal rights

© St. Petersburg Times, published May 1, 2001

Re: Bad mother, too -- not just bad fathers, April 27 letter

Editor: I would like to shake the letter writer's hand. I thought that I was the only one who spoke out for the unfair treatment fathers receive not only in our state but throughout the country.

I have been fighting for fathers' rights in Pasco and Pinellas County for 15 years. I quit when a Pinellas judge told my ex-wife and her third husband they could move to Tennessee. The newspaper is filled with discriminatory practices that are being practiced in this county, but very little is said about a father's right to be with his children.

Fathers are regarded by the courts as bread winners only, and are regarded as psychologically incapable of raising their children.

Just look at all the TV commercials. Do you know a "Dr. Mom," or a father trying to cook a meal, or do the shopping? A father, no mater how well educated, or how much time he spends working with young people, is considered a total jackass when it comes to raising his own children.

By the way, when I say all fathers, I say all male judges and lawyers too. Let me remind you male judges, every time you take away a father's right to be with his children, you admit your own failure of being a parent.

I realize there are bad fathers and mothers, but, by God, it is a judge's job to give both parents the same consideration. Is this too much to ask for?
-- Rainer R. Karls, New Port Richey

Curb animal problems by spaying, neutering

Editor: Well, it's that time again. And it's not Howdie Doodie time. It's pet explosion time, and it's not funny.

Numerous calls are received daily by the local animal shelters to take in newborn puppies and kittens because the caller is unable to find suitable homes for them. Signs are posted along the roadside "puppies/kittens free," people are sitting outside markets and at flea markets with "free puppies and kittens." Others are discarded in cardboard boxes, trash cans or Dumpsters. They are tied to trees, poles, or whatever might be available, or they are just dumped along the roadside or in parking lots.

These cute little bundles of fur did not ask to be brought into this life. Some are fortunate and find homes; others become part of the statistics. Some are saved by caring people who take them into their homes, some find their way into the shelters or animal control, and others don't make it.

They get hit by cars or starve to death. Cats and kittens usually survive longer than dogs when set free because people will feed them. While this is a noble gesture, these animals need to be spayed and neutered. A flier I read recently says "dogs can't add, cats can't subtract, but they can multiply."

If you are the person feeding these cats and kittens, try to capture them and get them spayed or neutered. Each female cat can have three litters a year. Most litters are between four and six kittens. Depending on how many females are in the litter, at about the age of four months, each female kitten can start its own cycle, etc. You do the multiplying.

For those of you who have females who have just given birth, there is a local spay/neuter clinic that has very reasonable prices. Don't delay, especially with cats. Time is of the essence.

If you don't have the money for the clinic, call your local shelters and they can probably refer you to someone who can help you. For those of you who have the males, you can help, too. Even though your male is not giving birth, he can father many litters. Get him neutered.

For those of you who do not have pets, while you're angry at those who do not spay or neuter their pets, and while you feel it's not your responsibility, you can help by donating funds to organizations who, in turn, will help others. For each cat or dog spayed or neutered, you save thousands of lives.

Become part of the solution, spay or neuter your pets, or help someone else do so.
-- B.J. Taylor, Brooksville

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