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Letters to the Editors

Hollingsworth could be salve for Pasco GOP

© St. Petersburg Times, published May 4, 2000

Editor: Dr. James Hollingsworth in his April 30 analysis of the troubles plaguing the Pasco County Republican Party is fair minded and reasonably analytical. Many of us have written different opinions about the manner in which Dr. Zoltan Mayer was summarily removed from his post.

The question now arises: Would Dr. Hollingsworth, a longtime member of the executive board and a highly respected former elected official, go a step further in his long service to his party, and volunteer to fill out the unexpired part of Dr. Mayer's term? Such a denouement could salve things sufficiently to allow some attention to be paid to the elections that are going on this year.
-- James A. O'Connor, Hudson

No confidence is real reason GOP removed Zoltan Mayer

Editor: This is an open letter response to Zoltan Mayer.

Because you have elected to break your silence in the media for the umpteenth time, this is a reply from one of the "stupid radicals" you referred to in your letter. It is apparent you do enjoy the constitutional right of free speech, which was sadly lacking in your Eastern European homeland, even though your comments are not accurate or true.

The real reason you have been ousted from the party chairman's position is not due to Bill and Ann Bunting or John Renke. Of the Pasco County Republican Executive Committee members attending the special meeting, 95.52 percent of those voting aye or nay agreed you should be removed. This was an overwhelming vote of no confidence in your leadership.

Please show the maturity of a grown man and accept the will of the majority with manners and grace. That is how things are done in the United States. Your conduct prior to and subsequent to the vote is exactly why I voted to remove you.
-- Roger Hammond, New Port Richey

Detachment 567 does not support commercial bingo

Editor: I am the bingo chairman at the Marine Corps League Holiday Detachment 567. The Holiday Detachment is the largest detachment in the state, and the only detachment in Pasco County. The Holiday Detachment 567 is a member of the Suncoast Bingo Council, and we do not support commercial bingo.
-- Walter Duffy, Holiday

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