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By ROBB GUIDO, Times Correspondent

© St. Petersburg Times, published May 8, 2000

This just out...

Pokemon Yellow

  • SYSTEM: Game Bo

  • PRICE: $29.99

  • COMPANY: Nintendo

    If you haven't bought a Pokemon game for Game Boy, what are you waiting for? Now, with the use of a Transfer Pak (included with Pokemon Stadium) you can play your Game Boy Pokemon games on TV.

    • GRADE: A

    Speed Punks

    • SYSTEM: PlayStation

    • PRICE: $39.99

    • COMPANY: Sony

    Another Mario Kart-style racing game comes down the pike, with 24 courses, six miscreant characters and many power-ups, weapons and shortcuts. If you liked Crash Team Racing, then you should dig this one.

    • GRADE: B

    Pokemon Trading Card Game

    • SYSTEM: Game Boy Color

    • PRICE: $29.99

    • COMPANY: Nintendo

    For parents tired of buying their kids Pokemon cards, here's a solution. Pokemon Card puts hundreds of Pokemon cards in video-game form, letting players make their own decks and battle the masters. Link up with a friend and get a shot at their cards, too.

    • GRADE: A-

    Worms: Armageddon

    • SYSTEM: Game Boy Color

    • PRICE: $29.99

    • COMPANY: Infogrames

    This version is not nearly as fun as the PlayStation or Nintendo 64 versions, but it does keep the basic elements intact: a dozen weapons, 50 landscapes and war between worm armies. Too bad those cute voices are missing.

    • GRADE: B

    Street Fighter Alpha

    • SYSTEM: Game Boy Color

    • PRICE: $29.99

    • COMPANY: Capcom

    Join Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and other street fighters in this miniature version of the great fighting game. Animation is decent and so are the controls, but it lacks the speed and move variety that made its big brother popular.

    GRADE: B-

    Air Combat 3: Electrospher

  • SYSTEM: PlayStatio

  • PRICE: $39.99

  • COMPANY: Namco

    You'll feel like a pilot the way this game controls. Arcade action coupled with a nice variety of missions and smooth graphics should have everyone singing the Air Force Song.

    • GRADE: B+

    - Robb Guido is an avid gamer who lives in Clearwater.

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