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Software game review

By WES PLATT, Times Staff Writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published May 15, 2000

Tachyon: The Fringe
COMPANY: NovaLogic
PRICE: $39.95

Strap yourself in, fire thrusters and find fun on the frontier of known space in NovaLogic's Tachyon: The Fringe.

Here's a space combat simulator and science-fiction role-playing story in the true tradition of Privateer. The 3-D graphics are solid, the sound is immersive, the fighting is fast and furious, and the story keeps you engaged.

Players assume the role of Jake Logan, a hotshot pilot voiced by Bruce Campbell (the Evil Dead movies, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and Xena). Caught in the cross-fire of cutthroat corporate intrigue, he's a hero turned goat after a mishap in Sol system, and is banished to the wilds of the untamed Fringe.

And while Tachyon is a fun, epic space adventure, it also is enjoyable in its multiplayer mode over the Internet.

At a certain point, players can choose to ally themselves with the megacorporation, GalSpan, or the rebellious Bora, and the story branches off into other directions from there, depending on the choice. That should ensure at least two run-throughs of this game, so one can experience it from both sides.

The game as released isn't without faults.

Like many highly anticipated titles, Tachyon came out with system-crashing bugs. These should be reparable with a download of the Tachyon update program from

Tachyon also would benefit from the ability to save games during missions so players could resume in midflight rather than having to go all the way back to base and starting a mission over.

But Tachyon is a game worth overcoming the glitches and slight inconveniences.

PLATFORM: Windows 95/98

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