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A. This is a known problem that has two solutions:">
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Two options for Works 2000 error

By JOHN TORRO, Times Correspondent

© St. Petersburg Times, published May 15, 2000

Q. I am using the Microsoft Works 2000 Suite with Windows 98. When I try to open the address book, I get the following message: "Logon failed. You must log on to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book. Error Code: unspecified." Gateway, which installed the program on my computer, has not been able to solve the problem and referred me to Microsoft technical support. I have spent 31/2 Hours online with them to no avail.
A. This is a known problem that has two solutions:

Solution 1: If you use Netscape Messenger, you need to turn off the "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI-based applications" option. Use these steps to turn off Netscape Messenger as the default e-mail application:

  • 1. Quit Microsoft Word and other Windows applications.

  • 2. Start Netscape Communicator or Netscape Navigator.

  • 3. On the Edit menu, click Preferences.

  • 4. Under Category, select Mail & Newsgroups.

  • 5. Click to clear the "Use Netscape Messenger from MAPI-based applications" option and click OK.

Solution 2: Use Fixmapi.exe:

  • 1. Quit all Windows applications.

  • 2. On the Windows Start menu, click Run.

  • 3. In the Open box, type Fixmapi.exe and click OK.

Fixmapi should be located in your Windows\System folder.

Quick screen saver

Q. I upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows 98 SE. With the old system, when someone entered the room or when I wanted to stretch my legs, I could hit a hot key to make my screen go blank. I have searched the new system and can't find how to do this.
A. This is a feature of a particular screen saver, none of which is included by default with Windows 9x. There may be freeware or shareware screen savers that offer this function. One alternative would be to make a shortcut on your desktop to any .SCR file (Screen Saver file type) and then double-click this shortcut to immediately enter Screen Saver mode. For example, within Windows File Explorer, navigate to \Windows\System. Right-click and drag file 3-D Flying Objects.SCR to the Desktop. Release and select Create Shortcut Here. Now you can double-click this shortcut to enter Screen Saver mode.

Sorting Favorites

Q. I followed your instruction in the May 8 column about sorting Favorites, but I can't find the menu. I'm running Windows 95.
A. The original question referred to a Windows 98 system, in which you would need to click Start, Favorites and then right-click to select Sort by Name. For Windows 95 PCs, you'll need to run the Internet Explorer, click Favorites and then, while holding the mouse over the Favorites menu, right-click and select Sort by Name.

Don't repair, upgrade

Q. My daughter crashed her old DX2-66 386 and I was wondering how she can bring it back or isn't it worth it? She lost its emergency startup disk and DOS 6.2.
A. A new PC that would be many times faster than what she had can be bought for less than $500, even less if she has a working monitor. As far as other options, without the original software to load, she would have no choice but to re-purchase either DOS or Windows (if it was Windows, then there's no need to also purchase DOS). A PC this old would have very limited capability in today's world. I recommend buying new.

Tip: Restarting Windows faster

To restart Windows 9x without a time-consuming cold or warm reboot, Select Start, Shut Down. In the resulting dialog box, select Restart the Computer, then hold down the Shift key while clicking the Yes button. Windows 95/98 restarts without shutting down and rebooting the entire system.

A. This is a known problem that has two solutions:">

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