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USF donor to marry medical school dean


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Joy Culverhouse donated $5-million to the University of South Florida's medical school in 1997. Now the school is giving her something back: a husband.

Joy Culverhouse donated $5-million to the University of South Florida's medical school in 1997. Now the school is giving her something back: a husband.

Dr. Robert M. Daugherty, dean of USF's school of medicine, will marry Culverhouse in July at a wine-country resort in Napa, Calif. Neither Culverhouse, 81, nor Daugherty, 66, could be reached Tuesday, but medical school spokesman Michael Hoad said everyone's delighted. "They look great together," he said.

Daugherty, a widower, previously served as the dean at the University of Nevada's school of medicine from 1981 to 1999.

Culverhouse saw her profile increase during the well-publicized legal wranglings over the $380-million estate of late husband Hugh Culverhouse Sr., past owner of the Bucs.

* * *

Confidence alone won't build a $239-million high-tech conference center and hotel, but you're not going to get the project done without it.

Maybe that's why Murray Klauber, in attendance at Tuesday morning's groundbreaking ceremony for the Port Authority's Cruise Terminal 3, speaks so boldly about his planned project for the area.

The 74-year-old Klauber said he hopes to break ground in a rather astounding six to nine months.

"This is a beginning, not only for Tampa, but for the whole area," said the owner of the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort in Longboat Key. "It's about making the St. Pete-Tampa-Clearwater area one of the No. 1 areas in the Southeast."

* * *

Like Klauber, St. Petersburg resident Diana Lucas-Leavengood also believes in bay area unity. She hopes art patrons feel the same when Webb's City: The Musical returns to the Mahaffey Theaterin November.

As general manager of the production company, LiveArts Peninsula Foundation, Lucas-Leavengood already is making a concerted effort to get more Tampa folks to cross the bay. So far, nearly 2,000 tickets have been sold, but only a few have been purchased by Tampa residents.

"We have wonderful treasures, and if we don't support them, we're going to lose them," Lucas-Leavengood said. "No one has a monopoly on cultural resources."

* * *

A sell-out group of 2,200 people is scheduled to attend Thursday's law enforcement appreciation luncheon at the Convention Center. Both city police officers and sheriff's deputies will be honored, and proceeds will be divided between them. It's quite a step when you consider the inaugural event had only 225 people.

* * *

The John Lynch Foundation also is expecting a big crowd for its annual charity luncheon on Thursday at Higgins Hall. With plenty of cops who like Lynch and plenty of the Bucs who like the cops, let's compare notes next time and avoid the conflict.

* * *

Another Thursday event: the Tampa Area Minority Professionals Association will meet for happy hour at Pop City at 6 p.m. The group serves as a social and networking outlet.

* * *

Feeling that she had been cheated out of her rightful share in Hugh Culverhouse's will, Joy Culverhouse jokingly once said of her late husband, "I'd like to pull him out of the grave and shoot him with every bullet I could get."

I'm glad she's a lot happier these days.

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