A Special Report: St. Petersbrg Times Deadly Combination: Ford, Firestone and Florida
Deadly Combination:
Ford, Firestone and Florida
Part One
  • Main story
  • Companies warming to settlements
  • At a glance
  • The players
  • Questions and Answers
  • A Timeline
  • What the companies say
  • Interview with Anita Kumar, the reporter
  • Graphic: How the tires failed
  • Graphic: When it’s too late
  • Graphic: By the numbers
  • Graphic: The human toll

  • Part Two
  • After the rollover
  • Suspect tires still on road
  • Driver side rear tires fail the most
  • About this report

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    Further coverage
  • In first trial, Firestone settles lawsuit
  • Battered Firestone counting on local ties
  • Rollover crashes are hard to track
  • Ford leaves 2-door SUV unchanged
  • Recall may leave Firestone bankrupt
  • Government to expand tire recall
  • FHP says Firestone tire a factor in fatal crash
  • Two bay area lawsuits target Ford, Firestone
  • Ford agrees to test replacement tires
  • Ford recall: from bad to worse?
  • Ford's sub tires may fail more
  • Attention shifts from Firestone to Ford Explorer
  • Ford widens recall; companies cut ties
  • Ford recalls Wilderness AT Firestone tires
  • Dealerships brace for Ford tire recall
  • Tire decision not just for Ford owners
  • Voluntary tire recall rolling smoothly
  • Firestone cuts deal on bad tires
  • How the tires failed: An interactive graphic

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    About this report

    By Times staff

    © St. Petersburg Times, published May 21, 2001

    In the wake of last summer's massive recall of Firestone tires, the St. Petersburg Times spent four months researching how many accidents in Florida involved sport utility vehicles -- particularly the popular Ford Explorer -- and Firestone tires. Details about the accidents were collected from information sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; six years of accident reports from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that involved Ford Explorers and a tire problem; lawsuits filed across the state; and court documents filed as part of a class action lawsuit in federal court in Indianapolis. The Times also interviewed drivers, passengers, lawyers, consumer advocates and officials with both Ford Motor Co. and Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. Photos of victims were provided by family members and attorneys.


  • Articles by staff writer Anita Kumar. Research by news researcher Kitty Bennett
  • News art by staff artist Jeff Goertzen. Online graphical animations by Desiree Perry
  • Edited by Sherry Robinson and Richard Bockman
  • Photographs by Dirk Shadd
  • Copy edited by Lisa Pelamati and Pete Couture
  • Online design by Desiree Perry
  • Staff writers John Balz, Bryan Gilmer and Piper Jones Castillo contributed to this report
  • Staff members Acenett Peters and Alicia Olazabal interpreted interviews with Spanish-speaking victims
  • Additional news art by Don Morris
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