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  • Companies based in the Tampa Bay area
  • Companies based elsewhere(with 1,000 or more employees in the bay area)
  • Click here for a Adobe Portable Document of both the Times 50 charts (50k) [You will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe for viewing.]

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    1. The sea is their highway.

    2. Shares of this company's stock once sold for less than its burgers.

    3. This company's about to split in two.

    4. Disposables are not their bag.

    5. They've got the tiniest headquarters in the bunch.

    6. Ultimate guy store.

    7. Zorro would love their logo.

    8. Their financials beat their color combination.

    9. A marriage made in Manhattan.

    10. Cancer tests and water treatments are part of their portfolio.


    1. Maritrans provides marine transportation services.

    2. Shares of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. now sell for nearly $6, but in 1999, you could pick them up for as little as $1.25.

    3. The payment services arm of Equifax Inc. will become a separate company known as Certegy. Credit-reporting services will remain under the old name.

    4. SRI Surgical Express supplies hospitals with reusable surgical linens.

    5. Kreisler Industries Inc. employs three people at its St. Petersburg headquarters.

    6. Where else but Home Depot? (Plenty of women like it, too.)

    7. Verizon promotes its telecommunications services with a logo featuring a distinctive "Z" the swashbuckling Zorro would appreciate.

    8. Brown & Brown Inc. is increasing its profits faster than its revenues, but not many home decorators would opt for that color combination.

    9. When banking behemoths J.P. Morgan and Chase Manhattan merged in December to create J.P. Morgan Chase and Co., they brought together a lot of history. Founders of their predecessor institutions included J. Pierpont Morgan, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

    10. UTEK Corp. licenses the commercial use of technologies developed at universities.



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