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HP keyboard, Win98 SE not getting along


© St. Petersburg Times, published June 4, 2001

Q. Because of a virus, I had to reformat my hard drive. Rather than start with my Hewlett Packard Windows 95 restore disk, I went right to a full second edition of Windows 98. Now, the volume control knob on my keyboard does not work and I must go to Volume Control to make changes. I downloaded the HP keyboard driver mmkb87xx.exe from the HP Web site. Now the knob on the keyboard is fine, but my keyboard is dead in Outlook Express. To get the keyboard to work, I must go into Settings, Control Panel, Keyboard and Disable the keyboard manager buttons. Any idea of what I can do to have the keyboard volume control knob work and still have an active keyboard for e-mail?

A. This is a known problem and, according to Microsoft, it is an HP issue. Microsoft's recommendation is to remove the HP drivers (which will disable your keyboard volume knob) or unplug the keyboard and then reconnect it each time you go into Outlook Express. My choice would be to live without the keyboard volume control. Keep checking with HP's support site to see it posts a driver update.

Color didn't make the move

Q. I moved my computer to a different place at home. When I reconnected, all was well except for the color. Can you explain why this happened? Playing a game of solitaire without color requires a good knowledge of card suits.

A. Several things may have happened in the move. Check that the monitor cable is firmly connected to the video adapter and that the pins on the male end of the monitor cable are straight. (There should be 14 pins and one empty pin hole in the middle row.) It is possible that the video adapter card inside the PC shook loose during the move. Open the PC and reseat the card making sure it is firmly implanted and making the proper contacts. If you're not comfortable working inside your PC, find someone who is. Check for electrical interference (fluorescent lights, stereo equipment, TVs, etc.) that may be too close to the monitor. Finally, it's possible that the RGB (color) guns within the monitor were damaged in the move. You may be able to confirm this by connecting the monitor to another working PC and observing the display.

Iris AntiVirus not for Windows 2000

Q. When I boot Windows 2000 Professional I get this message: "WTSR -- Cannot locate Anti Virus Device Driver." I installed Windows 2000 over Windows 95, and this is the only problem I have experienced. My anti-virus is Iris AntiVirus. Could that be the problem?

A. Your Windows 95-based anti-virus will not work on Windows 2000 without an upgrade. I was unable to find an update Iris anti-virus Web site. You should uninstall it and replace it with an up-to-date anti-virus program such as Norton or McAfee that have versions for Windows 2000.

Spreadsheet blackout

Q. I use Microsoft Works with Windows 95. The word processor and database work fine, but the spreadsheet has been giving me problems for a while. Whenever I click on a cell to enter data, the whole row blacks out except for the cell to be entered. When I click to get out of the cell after entering the data, then three rows completely black out: the one containing the cell I entered, the one before it and the one after it. I can't see what those cells contains unless I advance the document past the blacked out cells and come back. I don't recall exactly when this started happening, but it could be after I installed a new motherboard and video card.

A. It sounds like a video driver problem. Check to see if you have the latest version, or set the video hardware optimization to the lowest setting (right-click My Computer, Properties, Performance tab, click Graphics button). Also, check to see if the behavior is the same when booting in Safe Mode (Press F8 when you see the Starting Windows 95 message and then select Safe Mode). This may confirm the video software driver as the problem. If that doesn't work, try removing and reinstalling MS Works.

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