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Did you get my fax?

Yeah, it's right up there with "the check's in the mail" and "I e-mailed it to you last week." It's not a big deal if you're lying to your mom, but it could be if you're a small business or little guy dealing with a big corporation. Here's an inexpensive way for small operations to get a large-scale, verifiable electronic document trail. After you sign up, you upload your files to this Web site using your browser. Should you go over the trial storage size, you'll pay about 35 cents for less per 10 kilobytes of storage. But it's a one-time charge and there are no monthly fees.

All jobs, all the time

If you're looking for a new high-tech gig, you've probably got a superabundance of bookmarks to job sites. So here's a well-done site to add to the list. What makes this search engine different is it goes to employer Web sites and crawls the job areas. And it seems to work quite well. The interface is well designed and easy to use but requires a recent browser to be effective. That said, "recent browser" usually means a Windows variety, so it was nice to see it working on Mac and Linux.

Life imitates fiction

As if the story of the island nation of Sealand weren't weird enough, its relationship with HavenCo is stranger still. Before becoming a country, Sealand was a small World War II defense tower long abandoned by the British military. Through a series of legal wrangles between the self-declared Sealand royalty, it was pseudo-recognized by the British government as a bona fide country. (Check out for the full scoop.) HavenCo is a private company that intends to build the world's most secure data center away from pesky local laws and prying eyes of disapproving governments. That's useful if you're oppressed in your part of the world or doing things that are questionable to the masses. This doesn't extend to the hosting of kiddie porn, spamming or other social ills.

Just add wood

As so much changes in the world, so much stays the same. Like my inability to be handy in non-life threatening situations and when I really can't be bothered. The Zen of Being Handy, I feel, is a state of mind for those who like getting off the sofa and doing something other than moving packets around on the Internet. If you're somewhere between Zen Master and me, might be a winner. It's a site that will build custom plans for the wood item you've got in your head. It'll tell you the bits you need to get the job done and let you print out the designs.

Desktop fun for Macs

There's a certain amount of geek pride that goes with making your desktop look unique. One of my theories on why Linux is so popular with the wannabe Techno Gods is that it's very easy to do this. There is no standard graphic interface for Linux. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on, publishers of a system extension for the Macintosh that adds all kinds of delicious eye poppers to your Mac's desktop. It's shareware, so if you want to get rid of the annoying nag screens, you'll have to pay $25. But it's worth it to be the King Geek on your block, no?

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