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Letters to the Editors

Many projects are chipping away at area's low tax rate

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Editor: Between Commissioner Chris Kingsley pushing for a community pool and Superintendent John Sanders proposing laptop computers, which were originally supposed to be parent-funded and may now become the cost of the taxpayer, little by little, we one day are going to find ourselves paying exorbitant taxes. It happened in Long Island, N.Y., and in many other places. Let's stop the handouts. Both of these "projects" have the potential for becoming bottomless money pits.
-- Charles Miller, Spring Hill

More growth is the last thing Hernando needs

Editor: Re: Incentives for businesses:

Take a look around, county commissioners. See all that brown grass? See all the wilting flowers and dying shrubs? Do you know why it is like that? In case you've all been in Europe for the past six months, it's because we are facing the worst drought period ever in Hernando County.

This promises to be a perennial problem we will need to deal with. Yet you, my commissioners, are fretting over what sort of incentives you should give to attract new companies to Hernando County, which would attract even more people to buy even more homes and put an even greater strain on our water table. And Commissioner Bobbi Mills wants to suspend charging impact fees?

Why are my commissioners being so short-sighted? Exactly whose interests do you have at heart?

Considering that the tax collector's office is a non-profit organization, why do you need to collect even more tax revenue if, supposedly, you are collecting enough right now to provide for basic services to current residents?

We should all seriously consider William McGuckin's idea that if businesses want to come here they should pay us for the privilege, given that we've been led to believe Hernando County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States through 2003.

And, by the way, while you are at it, raise impact fees on all new construction to begin building a desalination plant.
-- Vilmar Tavares, Spring Hill

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