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Letters to the Editors

Seniors deserve better from HMOs, representative

© St. Petersburg Times, published June 14, 2000

Editor: Re: Hernando, Pasco counties losing Medicare provider, June 10 Times:

I see that another HMO is leaving the county based on a law that U.S. Rep. Karen Thurman, D-Dunnellon, has voted for. The article stated the HMO, AvMed, was forced to drop Medicare patients because they weren't making any money, but they could keep the business people on their plan. As everyone but Thurman knows, an insurance plan is devised to spread the risks. This means those on the business plan who do not get as sick as those on Medicare pay for part of their treatment.

Insurance also spreads the risk between urban and rural areas, except when Thurman gets her hands on the measure. Then, us "rural" folks get shafted. The older folks deserve better representation than this.
-- Daniel Erickson, Spring Hill

Ex-candidate happy he left county

Re: Election numbers paint grim picture, June 11 C.T. Bowen column.

Editor: Let's get this straight.

I have an associate's degree in psychology. If you look at my student debt from '94 to '96 you'll see something took place. It is not required of me to tell you jack where I went to school. And, the people of this county can burn before I give up my right to privacy.

The reason I did not need the money from the Pasco County commissioner is because I earn a good income already.

But, let's look at the losers in Pasco County. You people elect the dumbest people and support people who should be in jail. Let's face facts, you people are so dumb you couldn't get a story straight if someone else typed it and printed for you.

C.T. Bowen, you are truly the biggest loser of them all. You stand there thinking you're something when you're nothing, and that is all you will ever be. I'm glad I'm no longer in Pasco politics. Between the losers in the GOP and the loser in the media, it was easy to walk away. The people of Pasco do not care what happens to them, and I do not either.

I sit here with a nice contract of 10 years plus benefits that will last me a lifetime. I really do not care what happens in Pasco, nor Florida. See, I'm home. I'm in Massachusetts, a great city called Fall River.

Today, I spent all day in a real city (Boston) doing things I could have never done in Tampa, enjoy myself and be with people who know who they are.

All you nice people can have your redneck politics. I do not want it anymore. If I choose to run, it will be here as a selectman. At least these people I can trust to print the facts not their dreams and the good ole boy system is not in effect.

C.T. Bowen, I dare you to print this. I dare you.

I know you will not because you're nothing but a yellow-belly loser who could not get a real job.
Christopher McQuade, Holiday

Gillum's meeting antics unwarranted

Editor: I am a member of the Pasco County Republican Party executive committee. At our regular monthly meeting this past Saturday, I was appalled by the antics displayed by sheriff candidate Jim Gillum. Jim Gillum's sudden interest in attending our meeting most certainly was not meant for anything constructive or positive for the GOP of Pasco County. His attendance was instead very destructive for himself as well as for the morale of the Republican Party.

Mr. Gillum displayed his true colors by launching boisterous attacks on Gil Thivener, who is also a Republican candidate for sheriff. While Mr. Gillum was addressing the committee from the podium, his use of foul language and ill-intended cheap shots were directed not only toward Mr.Thivener, but to some of the women present at the committee meeting. Poor Mr. Gillum, the only point he made Saturday was that he is not the individual we want for sheriff of our county.
-- Dave Helbling, Hudson

County Line Road uses reclaimed water

Re: Solution to water problem? Less building, fewer people, May 29 letter

Editor: Today I received a letter from a Dusty Eichholt, customer service manager of U.S. Homes, who offered to meet with me and take a sample of the water used to irrigate along County Line Road to verify that the water is indeed reclaimed water. This is not necessary, as by further delving into the matter, I am now convinced that the water used is indeed as claimed: recycled.

In my first letter, I wrote that if the water is reclaimed I would make a public retraction.

I stand here before you with my hat in hand, or is it my foot in my mouth?
-- T.J. Roth, Hudson

Improve recreation center access

Editor: Where does this make sense? First the powers made the entrance to the Pasco County Recreation Center change from a direct route with sidewalks and streets that could support the incoming traffic to a crooked roundabout way down back roads and streets without sufficient sidewalks to get to the recreation center.

No improvements were made to help the traffic flow nor the elderly people as far as sidewalks. Now they have repaved Darlington Road still leaving Moog Road in its poor condition, unpaved. Who in their right mind would do this? What happened to common sense?

Maybe the people on Moog Road do not have the influence of the politicians to get this done, but who did this? I personally cannot see how the people could let this happen. Are we all looking the other way or is this the way things are done here in Pasco County?

Now that one of my neighbors has been killed crossing to the new Kash n' Karry and another local man also was killed because of the congestion on U.S. 19 around Moog Road, do we have the right to ignore the politics of road usage and maintenance?

I have been down Darlington Road, and it was in good shape before the repaving. I have seen potholes on Moog Road go unfilled or patched for several years. Which person is going to ride a bicycle down Moog Road and Bailey Bluff to get to the Recreation Center and show us how safe it is? Quite a challenge at any time, but I would like to see them do so around 4 or 5 p.m.

With sidewalks, Darlington is a safe road.
-- Robert Schwartz, Holiday

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