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Letters to the Editors

Volunteering achieves more than criticism

© St. Petersburg Times, published June 16, 2000

Re: Sheriff's Office should rethink its priorities, June 11 letter

Editor: You know, I think the letter writer is the loser here, not the 20-year-old volunteer. Our great Sheriff's Office could use more just like him.

I, too, am a volunteer and I'm 83 years young. I cheerfully go to my job in Safety Town five days a week when I'm needed. All the pay I get is self-satisfaction from a hug from a special-needs person or a big smile from a 5-year-old after I taught him or her all the rules of safety in regard to 911, fire, electricity, school bus, safety belts and water danger.

Every day I go, I like myself a little better. So why don't you put down your pen and take yourself over to our great Sheriff's Office and pick up an application? We're a great group and very proud of ourselves. Come on, make helping our sheriff a priority. You'll be surprised what a difference one more person's help can mean.
-- Dory Wheeler, New Port Richey

Letter writer's venting about Sheriff's Office is off-target

Re: Sheriff's Office should rethink its priorities, June 11 letter

Editor: Would the letter writer be happier in a rise in crime due to idiots who sell alcohol to underage teens, because the teens become drunk and out of control? I doubt it!
-- Mrs. James M. Haugh, Port Richey

McQuade won't be missed after critical comments

Re: Ex-candidate happy he left county, June 14 letter

Editor: About Mr. McQuade's letter regarding the fine people of Pasco County, I can't help but remember a phrase my grandpa used to use upon the departure of someone so sour as Mr. McQuade, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya."

Unlike Mr. McQuade, my grandpa will be sorely missed.
-- Scott Factor, New Port Richey

Tirade at meeting shows candidate's true colors

Editor: As a new member of the Republican Executive Committee, I was witness to one of the most disgusting displays of bad behavior yet seen at a committee meeting. James Gillum came into the June 10 meeting and entered into a vulgar verbal tirade toward the committee and namely candidate Gil Thivener. It would seem that Gillum thinks it is his God-given mission to tell the people of the committee, as well as the citizens of Pasco, that he thinks Gil Thivener is a bad person.

All he succeeded in doing was confirm our earlier beliefs that he is unfit for public office. It is my hope that the executive committee board will censure Gillum and place their support toward the two other sheriff candidates.
-- James W. Coakley, New Port Richey

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