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Letters to the Editors

Car woes ignite presidential ideas

© St. Petersburg Times, published June 20, 2000

Editor: Re: Truck dent is just another pothole along life's byways, June 18 column by Jan Glidewell.

In reference to Mr. Glidewell's truck and inevitable first dent: My wife and I worked long and hard to purchase our first Volvo sedan. As I was pulling into a Publix parking lot, I encountered a gentleman leaving the lot. I stopped, giving him much room so I might park in the space he was leaving. He proceeded to back up, hitting my car on the right front bumper.

With fire in my eyes, I jumped from my vehicle to do battle. He came forth from his vehicle. Our eyes met. Then he informed me it was okay, because my Volvo was designed for "things" like this. Having no argument to counter such stupidity, I turned and left before it got ugly.

But, I come to this forum for a different reason. I come because of Mr. Glidewell. I have pondered the situation. I have studied all the possibilities. I've followed all the paths and they lead back to one.

I call for -- nay, I must insist . . . nay, I must demand -- that the name of Jan Glidewell be entered into the race for president of the United States. People of America, there is no clearer choice. Tequila helps, of course, but even sober I see no better choice for president.
-- Jim Marsh, Spring Hill

A different Pasco experience

Re: Ex-candidate happy he left county, June 14 letter

Editor: I must say that my experiences and contact with the people of Pasco over the past 20 years are quite different than Mr. McQuade's. During my campaign for state representative in 1998, I met thousands of honorable, decent and caring people in Pasco.

One warm-hearted individual is Rita O'Connor of Port Richey. Rita volunteers her time at SOLVE, an organization that collects baby clothes, food and carriages and gives them to unwed or underprivileged mothers. She helps them pay their rent and gives advice on parenting. Rita gives a voice to the voiceless and has the heart of a living saint.

Another is Norman Russell of Bayonet Point. Norman served our country in World War II. I met Norman while I was campaigning door to door in February 1998. Norman shared with me the story of a jeep accident he was involved in, during the war, which resulted in him losing his ear. Norman is an American patriot.

Of course there is Jeannie Briggs of Hudson. Jeannie shared with me her fight against diabetes. Jeannie educated me on complications of this disease and how it has affected her life. She opened my eyes to new ways to treat diabetes and the current lack of proper funding to find a cure. Jeannie is a fighter and a spokeswoman for those who suffer.

And then there is the teaching staff of Hudson High School. While it has never been reported in the newspapers, Hudson High has produced five of the up-and-coming Republican staffers and campaign managers in the state of Florida. I do not know of another high school that has produced so much success in Florida politics. The Hudson teaching staff is second to none and I am proud to be an alumnus.

As for Mr. McQuade's comments concerning the Times' C.T. Bowen, I want the people of Pasco to know that when dealing with me as a candidate he was always fair and accurate in his reporting. In fact, I feel that his observations and the observations of the Times made me both a better candidate and a better person.

While Mr. McQuade may have a negative opinion of the people of Pasco County, I want you to know that you are my heroes.
-- Doug McAlarney, Hudson

Suggestions to eliminate water sharing

Editor: Now we learn that not only is Hillsborough County taking more of our water than is permitted, but they won't be able to reduce it when they say they will.

Basically, our long-range goal should be simply to eliminate any water being pumped from Pasco County to other counties. I am sure this would probably take some legislation and maybe even some eminent domain actions, but our commissioners and legislators should work toward doing whatever is necessary.

How about this: Say 10 years after whatever legislation is needed, Pasco will cease to pump water to Pinellas or Hillsborough. In effect, at that time someone just shuts off the valves. That should give the other counties time to develop other sources of water, build desalination facilities or whatever.
-- Ernest Lane, New Port Richey

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