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Letters to the Editors

Every school experiences problems occasionally

© St. Petersburg Times, published June 21, 2000

Editor: Re: Parents say school failed to teach kids, June 11 Hernando Times:

It has been my great pleasure to visit this place of learning quite a few times to read to the younger children, share treats and have lunch with them. I know there is no such thing as perfection, but I have observed firsthand the dedication to, and love for, the students by the staff.

At any school, Christian or other, there will be an occasional teacher who is having problems. While I agree that problems should be addressed in a timely manner, to attempt to downgrade an entire school is completely unnecessary and mean-spirited.

I happen to know that most of the teachers are much loved by their students, and by parents as well. I have seen firsthand some of the glowing letters of appreciation and gifts given by grateful parents.

Yes, I am very much involved, because one of the teachers at West Hernando Christian School is my daughter. She teaches and loves each and every student. I have never seen anyone put more of herself into a profession. After teaching all day and doing all of the "extras" required of a teacher on her own time, she also is attending college in the evenings, no easy task for a wife and mother. She will graduate in August with her bachelor's degree.

The teachers I have met on my visits seem to be equally dedicated to their students and the school, and to giving every ounce of their energy and abilities to assure each child the best education possible.

It somehow seems wrong to dwell on the negative and overlook the positives, and there are many.
-- G.A. Kohler, Spring Hill

Reader wants Glidewell in the White House

Editor: Re: Truck dent is just another pothole along life's byways, June 18 column by Jan Glidewell:

In reference to Mr. Glidewell's truck and inevitable first dent, my wife and I worked long and hard to purchase our first Volvo sedan. As I was pulling into a Publix parking lot, I encountered a gentleman leaving said lot. I stopped, giving him much room so I might park in the space he was leaving. He proceeded to back up, hitting my car on the right front bumper.

With fire in my eyes, I jumped from my vehicle to do battle. He came forth from his vehicle. Our eyes met! Then he informed me it was okay because my Volvo was designed for "things" like this. Having no argument to counter such stupidity, I turned and left before it got ugly.

But, I come to this forum for a different reason. I come because of Mr. Glidewell. I have pondered the situation. I have studied all the possibilities. I've followed all the paths and they lead back to one.

I call for -- nay, I must insist -- nay, I must demand that the name of Jan Glidewell be entered into the race for president of the United States. People of America, there is no clearer choice. Tequila helps, of course, but even sober I see no better choice for president.
-- Jim Marsh, Spring Hill

Water conservation measures way overdue

Editor: I want to give the Southwest Florida Water Management District my thanks. Since moving here in 1979, I've waited annually for their warnings that we are in a water crisis. So, . . . :

Thanks, Swiftmud, for the number of desalination plants that are now operating in the area.

Thanks, Swiftmud, for engineering catch basins to collect run-off water, which could be pumped back into dry wells.

Thanks, Swiftmud, for maintaining a water connection to tributaries such as the Weeki Wachee River, so water could be diverted during emergency periods.

Thanks, Swiftmud, for reclaiming waste water and diverting this water to fields, golf courses and even private property users.

Thanks, Swiftmud, for collecting an extra $2 per month for each water user, which would have generated an estimated $240-million the past 20 years, to be used in providing these and other services.

Thanks, Swiftmud, for such great creativity that my lawn is now drying up since we can only water once a week.

And a special thanks, Swiftmud, for pumping the aquifer level to its lowest in history, replacing the beautiful lake behind my home, where hundreds of ducks and fish used to thrive, to the loveliest grouping of weeds I've ever seen. However, it did reduce the value of my property by $20,000, according to the latest real estate estimates, saving thousands in taxes when I sell again.

Thanks again.
-- Jack Tooman, Spring Hill

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