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Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

MAKER: Sierra Home

PRICE: $49.95

Maybe a better name for this program would be Card Colossus. It promises more than 600,000 choices to create greeting cards (sorry, I didn't count each one), including 3,000 from Hallmark collections such as Shoebox and Tree of Life. It also has 10,000 clip art images, an event planner, photo editing and other features, all on four CD-ROMs. And that's where the size becomes a problem. Choose a category such as birthdays on one CD. If you want to add clip art, then you have to switch CDs. Change your mind and it can get tedious going back and forth.


Baseball 2001

MAKER: Microsoft

PRICE: $29.95

Here's a game where the Devil Rays can win. My son says it's realistic (the Rays' exception noted), includes all the stadiums, will keep track of player stats for a season and has good graphics. However, controlling the game with the keyboard is quirky. It's a little better with a game pad.


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