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Letters to the Editors

Girl's actions show young people care

© St. Petersburg Times, published June 29, 2000

Editor: In a time when many older adults feel that young people have an uncaring attitude toward their community, it is refreshing to come across examples that disprove this opinion.

One windy day a little over a week ago, I was traveling east on Meridian Avenue back to City Hall after taking a late lunch at my home. It was about 2:45 p.m., and as I approached the intersection of Meridian and 14th Street, I noticed that traffic was swerving out of the eastbound lane to avoid an empty garbage can that was lying in the street about five or six feet from the curb.

After driving around the garbage can myself I pulled into the parking lot of the First Baptist Church with the intention of walking back up the street to retrieve the can from the street. As I was preparing to do so I noticed a young lady with a bicycle, who looked to be about 6 or 7 years old, standing by herself at the intersection waiting to cross with the traffic light.

As I watched, the young lady mounted her bicycle, pedaled down the sidewalk to where the garbage can was lying in the street, got off her bicycle, ran out into the street between cars (being careful, I should add, to avoid the traffic), retrieved the can, and, after placing it in the back yard from which it had been blown, got back on her bicycle and pedaled away from me down the sidewalk.

I have no idea who the young lady was, but it was apparent from her actions that someone had instilled a sense of civic responsibility in this child. Her actions should be an example to all of us.
-- Doug Drymon, Dade City city manager

County should provide water

Editor: I applaud the decision by the county commissioners to look into the purchase of private water utilities. I have long felt this is the only way to go.

For something as basic as water, people should not have to turn to a corporation to make sure their needs are met; they should naturally go to the county water department. For help, they shouldn't have to turn to an agency in Tallahassee (PSC), but to the locally elected county commissioners.

The commissioners should not take the easy approach and put any eventual purchase on the particular utility's customers. If the utilities are bought by the county, they become county assets. If the county builds a new library, they don't expect only cardholders to finance the purchase. These purchases, if they happen (and I hope they do), should be financed from the general receipts of the county.
-- Ernest Lane, New Port Richey

Pasco County has shameful roads

Editor: Shame on you Pasco County -- your roadsides look like the Pasco County dump.
-- Melva Williams, New Port Richey

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