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Sense of Community

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  • Civic duty builds city not seen, but felt
  • By vote, new areas stick to Seminole
  • Retirees find fit, fitness in one place
  • Some say you can go home again
  • Pleasures of living on lake bubble up
  • 30 years later, city's name has cachet
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    Your new section for local news

    By Times Staff Writer

    © St. Petersburg Times,
    published July 1, 2001

    Welcome to Neighborhood Times. We are the new home for community news from Seminole. Top of the Class. Local businesses. Recreation centers. Weddings. Real estate transactions. Police reports. You will find all of it in our easy-to-use tabloid format.

    We are new to Seminole, but we are not new to south Pinellas readers. For more than five years, we have published four editions of Neighborhood Times, one for the beach communities, one for the area encompassing Pinellas Park, Kenneth City and Lealman, and two for St. Petersburg (see map). Although the editions share some stories, each focuses on the news most important to its readers.

    Today, on Day 1 of this new edition, we look at the sense of community in Seminole.

    If you are interested in seeing how south Pinellas communities outside Seminole see themselves, you may read about it at our Web site:

    In Neighborhood Times, you will see some new features, among them:

    ON THE TOWN: Society parties, fundraisers, and the comings and goings of high-profile people are the purview of On the Town, written by Lennie Bennett. Twice a week, we try to provide some education about the community causes for which all this money and effort are expended, but mostly we want to have fun and give readers a sense of what the parties were really like.

    DR. DELAY: A look at road conditions and traffic problems in south Pinellas. We will answer questions about speed bumps, potholes, traffic light cameras and road crews. Written by Jean Heller, this offbeat column runs on Sundays.

    ROOKIE MOM: A young parent writes for other young parents. Although broad in scope, the column focuses on resources, programs and people in south Pinellas. Its topics range from finding a summer camp to figuring out whether a playmate's house is safe and seeking day care. It is written by Katherine Snow Smith, the mother of two young girls. It runs on Sundays.

    NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS PAGE: Page 3 of Neighborhood Times on both Wednesday and Sunday covers local business news and has a particular interest in consumer news.

    POLICE REPORTS: We run the full list of police calls for your community. It will run on Sundays.

    REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: A list of real estate that has been bought and sold. It runs on Wednesdays.

    NEIGHBORHOOD NOTEBOOK: Bulletin board items and summaries of what the neighborhood associations are up to. It runs on Sundays.

    WEEK AHEAD: A weekly calendar of fun things to do in the area. It is published on Sundays.

    So these are the new features. What are you giving up? Nothing, we hope.

    Neighborhood Times is published as part of the Times on Wednesday and Sunday. Seminole news that needs to be in the paper sooner will appear in the City and State section. Neighborhood Times will replace Seminole Times, but none of the regular Seminole features will disappear. Top of the Class will run on Wednesdays, as will real estate transactions. We will still publish birth announcements, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Obituaries will appear in City and State.

    How is a section that comes out only twice a week an improvement over one that comes out every day?

    Neighborhood Times allows us to stand back from the news just a little bit. We will have the same writers -- Maureen Byrne and Julianne Wu -- dedicated to covering Seminole. But they will be able to concentrate on the stories that need to be done, not the stories that need to be done to fill the space.

    We have really had fun publishing Neighborhood Times since 1996. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy publishing it.

    How to reach us

    If you have a news tip, contact the reporters and editors in the box at left. In turn, if you have specific news items -- briefs, announcements, calendar items -- you may mail or fax them in. Aside from the names and faces at left, here is a list of who does what in Neighborhood Times:

    (For everyone, the fax number is 893-8675. The address is St. Petersburg Times Newsroom, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL, 33731. Please direct any item to the attention of the person who handles that duty.)

    * * *

    PIPER JONES CASTILLO: Business briefs; Focus on Volunteers. Phone 893-8827.

    CATHERINE CUSHING: What's Up On Campus, government calendars and government closings. Phone 893-8215.

    SANDRA DAVIES: The Week Ahead, School Menus. Phone 893-8215.

    ANNA ELSENPETER: Weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Phone 893-8735.

    JEAN HELLER: Doctor Delay, a column about commuting, road construction and road worries in south Pinellas. Contact by e-mail at or by fax at 893-8675.

    MYRA HICKMAN: listings coordinator. Monthly calendar, news briefs and 100-year-old birthdays. Phone 893-8347.

    ROY LEBLANC: regional sports editor. Youth and recreational sports. Phone 893-8295 or e-mail

    KATHERINE SNOW SMITH: Rookie Mom, a column about raising children. E-mail at

    DONNA WINCHESTER: Top of the Class, school briefs, Military News and Good for You. Phone 893-8826.

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