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Letters to the Editors

Keep the 28th Street Drive-in open

© St. Petersburg Times, published July 2, 2000

Re: Drive-in theater to close, June 18.

It made me very depressed to read that the 28th Street Drive-In in St. Petersburg is closing. A family could see a couple of good movies and have a nice evening outdoors there. You could spend $10 to $20 and have a good time, while not worrying about the kids making a mess or bothering other people watching the movie. Why couldn't they just raise the prices a little bit?

There should be an outcry of public sentiment against this closing, much the same as there was with Sunken Gardens. What is the Pinellas County School Board going to do with this property? Why doesn't the board keep the drive-in operating; this would be better for serving family interests, particularly those of lower income families, than any administration building or other "services" they'll bless us with.
-- Mike Lang, St. Petersburg

And diner should be saved, too

Re: As theater closes, memories remain, and History for sale, June 25.

Part of the charm of the St. Petersburg area is the fact that there are many places that did not suffer from "progress." It was with sadness that I read that not only is the drive-in theater closing but also that some people would want to raze the Pelican Diner!

It's true, the diner no longer "fits" architecturally in its present location. But as we baby-boomers age, the commercial value of things nostalgic rises, to wit: the popularity of the new Volkswagen Beetle and all things "retro"...

If I had money, I'd buy the building and move it to Gulfport. Let developers ruin St. Pete Beach with more high-rise garbage that further endangers waterfront environs, not to mention the safety of humans during hurricanes.

I implore Helen and Ziggy Radvil to put a clause in their sales contract to save the diner!
-- Sam Demarest, Gulfport

Literacy Council can help others

Re: Literacy quest involves more than words, June 28.

Lennie Bennett's article in the Neighborhood Times was accurate and well done. She spent hours of research with Brian, Brian's tutor and me to get reams of information about Brian and the Laubach program.

Since prospective students will not be able to read the story, we hope that those who can will spread the word that the Literacy Council of St. Petersburg can help them to improve their reading and writing skills. We hope that both prospective students and tutors will find this article inspirational and call us for further information at 521-1117 or 525-0444.
-- Virginia R. Gildrie, St. Petersburg

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