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10 Pressing Questions: Robin Trower


© St. Petersburg Times, published July 28, 2000

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Robin Trower
British blues guitarist and ex-Procol Harum member Robin Trower, 55, takes time out from touring in support of Go My Way, his new album, to answer 10 Pressing Questions.

(1) Why do so many white British guitarists dig American blues? The power, the earthiness. The soulfulness. We appreciate it as art rather than music. Popular music comes and goes, but great blues is a great art form. My idols were the guys from the 1950s and 1960s like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, T-Bone Walker. We had a few aficionadoes in England who would import it all on small British labels.

(2) What's the most powerful piece of music you've heard? Not counting classical music -- there's a ton of that that blows me away -- I'd pick the original Think by James Brown, Still A Fool by Muddy Waters and Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix. As I heard those songs, my idea of what I wanted to do was slightly shifted. They opened my mind up to a different place.

(3) What's your favorite meal? I love Indian food, but for English food, I'd say a Sunday roast lamb with roast potatoes. That always hits the spot. To drink, usually just water, occasionally a glass of wine (laughs). I'm a boring old guy with grandchildren, a family man.

Robin Trower performs 8 p.m. Wednesday at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg with Les Dudek. Tickets are $16 through Ticketmaster, $20 day of show. (727) 896-1244.

(4) If you had to give up your microwave or your television: I wouldn't touch a microwave with a 10-foot barge pole. I read things about them some years ago. They store up nasty, nasty effects. That was enough to put you off. If they're warning you not to stand too close to them, you know what I mean? It's not natural.

(5) Do you have a favorite cartoon character? I quite like The Simpsons. I love Wallace and Gromit, too, from The Wrong Trousers. It's fantastic.

(6) What's Procol Harum mean, anyway? The story they gave me was that it was the name of a friend's cat. It's supposed to be Latin, but it's misspelled.

(7) If you could go back to any scene in history: I've read a lot about the second World War and Winston Churchill. He's my hero. I'd like to have been around at the time he was running things. Obviously, too, the time of Christ. To hear him speak, to hear God's voice on earth.

(8) Finish this sentence: "People who read their horoscope every day are -- " Wasting their time.

(9) Thoughts on marriage: I've been married (to wife Andrea) since 1968. Plenty of us stay married. We're still out there. I think people first starting out at marriage these days don't work quite as hard. As soon as things get difficult, they're out. Today it's all about instant gratification. There's a little bit too much "me" and not enough of everyone else.

(10 ) Any advice for the broken-hearted? (sighs) Well, I'm a religious man, so I'd turn to God. I'd cry about it. That's what I'd do. Thank God it's never happened to me. It's one of the most traumatic things, I think, a person can go through.

Enough to make you sing the blues? Yep.

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