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Letters to the Editors

City's taxpayers deserve a break

© St. Petersburg Times, published July 30, 2000

All the stories I read about development in the city of St. Petersburg indicate progress is being made and all of it is being paid for by the taxpayers. Most recently there was the article in the Neighborhood Times section regarding the BayWalk complex and how parking will be handled in the garage, which was paid for by the city. The concern was for how moviegoers will be treated.

How about showing some concern for how St. Petersburg taxpayers are treated? We pay the bill and get no special treatment downtown, at the Pier, at Tropicana Field or at the golf courses. Other cities give their taxpayers discounts at the city-owned facilities they support.

The city of St. Petersburg should give their taxpayers some consideration. This would also encourage people to go downtown.
-- Mike Mayo Sr., St. Petersburg

Save the Monica mannequin

Re: Monica's fate rests in judge's hands, July 16.

I do not smoke cigars nor have I ever been in the Beachside Cigar Store on Gulf Boulevard. However, I do drive by every day, and seeing the mannequin always brightens my morning. I have seen many people having their picture taken with the mannequin, and I have heard people say they also enjoy seeing her. I do not see anything offensive nor do I think of advertising when I pass by.

Surely the Madeira Beach city officials have better things to do. If they do not, maybe they could contact their counterparts in St. Petersburg and get the hazardous brick portion of Park Street paved. Also, they should spend their time looking at some of the benches that are badly in need of repair along Gulf Boulevard, or look at the damaged and bent paper-vending machines along the boulevard. By the way, are not the vending machines a form of advertising?

I, for one, would gladly contribute to a defense fund for the mannequin. Whatever help the owners of Beachside Cigars need to save the mannequin, they can rely on me.
-- George Lutz, Treasure Island

Who is willing to work at Publix?

Re: Loss of Publix troubles Coquina Key, July 23.

I was struck by this article in Neighborhood Times about the closure of the Publix store at 4350 Sixth St. S. I was a bit disappointed with reference to the last six months of crime-rate comparisons. Have we already forgotten about the brutal murder in that area recently, which has not been resolved?

Publix may have its reasons, but it is not the case of the public's willingness to shop in the area but rather a question of who is willing to work there! If there is a chance of being set upon by person(s) unknown, why should I sacrifice my life? As an employee, I am not the only one who shares this opinion.
-- Richard M. Morris, St. Petersburg

Albertsons as an alternative

Albertsons at 3030 54th Ave. S in St. Petersburg is proud to be part of the St. Petersburg community. Since 1976, the store has been serving the needs of the neighborhood.

A recent article appeared in the Neighborhood Times (Loss of Publix troubles Coquina Key, July 23) in which someone questioned whether Albertsons had any future plans for this store. In fact, Albertsons does have plans already under way for the 54th Avenue S store. The plans call for a remodeling of the store with construction to begin in the fall. The store will be completely refurbished with new decor and new equipment. The remodeling will enable us to add new services and departments, including a meal center and an international deli.

Albertsons will remain open during the construction and welcomes customers to visit the store for their shopping needs, as well as to see the changes as they develop. We hope you will by pleased with the final results.
-- Bill Tollett, district manager, Albertsons Florida Division, Boisie, Idaho

Don't turn your head to abuse

Re: Rough lives of 4 pitbulls likely will end, July 23.

I had to write in response to the article on the four pitbulls that were rescued by the SPCA. Being a dog owner and lover, I was very upset that people could "turn their heads" for years to the abuse of animals. If someone would have taken the responsibility to call the SPCA instead of turning a blind eye, these poor animals would have been rescued years ago. Instead they were left to suffer.

This is a lesson to everyone: Call the SPCA any time you feel an animal might be abused. The SPCA will check out the report, take appropriate action. And the call can remain anonymous.
-- Julie McBride, St. Petersburg

Production preserves Webb's history

Re: "Webb's City' needs to be kept alive, letter, July, 19.

This letter expressed my opinions eloquently.

Many of St. Petersburg's residents have lived here either from birth or for most of their lives. As a graduate of St. Petersburg High School and Florida State University and one who has taken doctorate courses at the University of Florida and has served as a teacher in Pinellas, Marion and Alachua counties, I can certainly attest to the fact that Webb's City was a very important part of my life, as well as the lives of many others. Many of us worked there on Christmas breaks, etc.

Please do whatever you can to promote the presentation of this wonderful production, especially since many of our winter visitors, as well as our permanent residents, were not in town to have the opportunity to enjoy such a superb creation by Bill Leavengood, Lee Ahlin and the wonderful cast.
-- Alvena Birchard Pryor, St. Petersburg

Couple show class at yacht club

Re: Slighted couple give up on yacht club, July 26.

How fortunate it was for the confrontational director at Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club that Nik Sukhasam is a gentleman and his lovely wife is soft-spoken and mild-mannered. Otherwise things could have gotten ugly at poolside. You see, Nik was a member of the Army's elite Special Forces and has been a kick-boxing instructor.

Yet, in response to personal insults, all he did was resign. So the club has lost a good member and a terrific tennis player, a St. Pete City League champ several times. Nik and his wife showed real class in the face of an unpleasant, unnecessary situation.
-- Paul Cooper, St. Petersburg

Courthouse lacks seating

Re: Facilities at the new Pinellas County courthouse on 49th Street.

Not long ago I was called as a witness for the state. I had to wait in the corridor for about an hour. The only place for me to sit was on a 9-inch ledge. There must be a lot of (people) who can't fit on that ledge.

Doesn't the county have enough funds to provide reasonable seating for witnesses for the state?
-- Howard E. Cook, Largo

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