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© St. Petersburg Times, published July 31, 2000

Wacky Races

SYSTEM: Dreamcast

PRICE: $49.99

MAKER: Infogrames

Cartoon Network pipes up with a cart game featuring the Wacky Races gang of cartoon fame. The visuals are true to the 'toon and include Hanna-Barbera favorites such as Dick Dastardly and Muttley. The characters' quips are funny, but there's really nothing to push this one ahead of Speed Punks.

Grade: C+

N-Gen Racing

SYSTEM: PlayStation

PRICE: $34.99

MAKER: Infogrames

Tired of car racing games? Then maybe jet racing will liven things up. N-Gen's 38 jets and 14 tracks are only the beginning of this innovative speed competition that includes weapons, night flying and a physics system that encourages players to stay as close to the ground as possible.

Grade: B+

PGA European Tour

SYSTEM: Nintendo 64

PRICE: $49.99

MAKER: Infogrames

Why buy PGA European Tour when there are countless golf games out there with American courses and players such as Tiger Woods? How about because it's a fine representation of the sport of golf, with more ways to challenge fans then Pebble Beach, which, by the way, you won't find in this game.

Grade: B

Nightmare Creatures 2

SYSTEM: Dreamcast

PRICE: $49.99

MAKER: Konami

You know a game is gory when it tags its no-blood mode "sissy." But unlike more realistically violent games such as Perfect Dark, this one pits undead versus undead, as its bandaged hero explores dark places, gathers power ups and causes dramatic fatalities. Despite being rather simplistic, it manages to stay fun for a few levels.

Grade: B-

Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram

SYSTEM: Dreamcast

PRICE: $49.99

MAKER: Activision

Don't ask me what the title means or what this game was supposed to be either. On one hand, I applaud Activision for bringing an import to the United States, but I think this awkward, robotic fighting game should have stayed overseas.

Grade: C-

Looney Tunes Collector Alert

SYSTEM: Game Boy Color

PRICE: $29.99

MAKER: Infogrames

The best thing this game has going for it is the 47 playable characters, each with different abilities, who must join forces to stop Marvin the Martian's hostile takeover of Earth. The game's diversity alone separates it from a mediocre Game Boy pack.

Grade: B-

- Robb Guido is an avid gamer who lives in Tampa.

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