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Disabling features may end errors


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Q. I have several computer problems. I receive the message "Msgsrv32 not responding." When I ended the task Msgsrv32, the computer seemed okay, but my Zip disk would not eject. I had to restart my computer to eject it. I went into System properties/Device Manager and under SCSI controllers there is a yellow dot with an exclamation point in it next to the Iomega Parallel Port Zip Interface. Is that supposed to be there?

Also, a strange file called "000nav" is in my *.tmp file. It is large. When I first saw it, there were files 001nav through 011nav. I opened one and it was filled with fives. I deleted the files and my computer ran faster. How do I keep this from happening?

A. Msgsrv32 errors can be caused by several things, but without more information I can't be specific on what to try. If it happens while the computer is idle, try disabling your power management features (Control Panel, Power Management). Also, a conflict with video drivers can cause problems. You can disable the hardware acceleration properties of your video adapter (Control Panel, System, Performance). Try different settings from Full to None.

For your Zip drive problem, remove the device using Device Manager. Download the latest drivers (version 2.5) from Iomega's Web site ( and run the install program. If you still have problems, your Zip drive may be defective and you should contact Iomega.

The 000nav files are from your Norton AntiVirus. I wasn't able to find any information related to files filled with fives. You may want to contact Symantec support about this.

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Q. About a month after a friend started using an old computer, she tried to get online and everything was going okay. The America Online logo in the corner was spinning and an hourglass appeared instead of the arrow. It disconnected her after a few minutes. She tried again and again with the same results. She finally was able to click on e-mail. She had none nor did she have any of her addresses in her address book. She then was disconnected again. She has not been able to use it since. We finally got a box that stated: "Your Wingauge configuration file is corrupt. Please contact systems administrator." We contacted AOL, which sent an e-mail to her computer but she could not get it. I was able to bring her AOL messages up on my computer. I printed what they had sent and tried to follow the directions to check for a virus but detected none. She is still unable to use her computer.

A. Wingauge is a part of Norton Utilities. I could not find any information related to this particular error on its Web site. She may want to call its support or even uninstall Norton Utilities and try again.

* * *

Q. I use Adobe Business Edition 1.0 software to process my pictures from a Kodak digital camera. Ezphoto is bundled in Adobe and the manufacturing company, StormTechnologies, is out of business. Any time I do any function in Adobe I receive the following error: Ezphoto -- This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If problem persists, contact the program vendor. When I click on details, I receive the following: Ezphoto caused a general protection fault in module KRNL386.EXE at 000064AA. Then it shows a dump of the registers. I click cancel and everything returns to normal. It does create a TMB icon that I have to delete. I have searched every system option to eliminate this problem with no results.

A. The closest thing I could find was a known incompatibility with EZPhoto and UMAX 30 bit scanning. According to Adobe, the work-around is to scan at 24 bit.

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