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A message center

Here's a smart way to unify your Yahoo, MSN and ICQ instant messaging in one place. It's a free, Web-based interface to each service and allows you to use each without maintaining a separate client program. Of course, the glaring omission is there is no America Online Instant Messaging integration, but surely Bantu is working on this. It's great for road warriors, traveling types and people with more than one computer. It does require a late-model Java-enabled browser

Pennies for their thoughts

In a move that would have made P.T. Barnum blush, Napster has pulled its little David-like self further into the limelight and pushed usage through the ceiling (if Nielsen ratings are to be believed). And it's been good for the whole file-sharing movement. So good that if you have even a passing interest in what Napster does, for good or bad, MojoNation will be sure to grab your fancy. This one is particularly interesting as it's testing the waters for micropayments for content, the Holy Grail of Internet publishing and a familiar concept to Web fans circa 1996. The premise then was that you pay a few pennies for content but, because of how the Web was constructed, it was thought to be unworkable. To make things more interesting now, Mojo's publishing is anonymous, and once the work has been posted you cannot recall it and remove it from the Net. It's scary and exhilarating in one bold move.

Shoe heaven

You can keep your Nike and Reebok or other sneakers du jour far in the back of the closet when these babies turn up. What could be more elitist than custom footwear designed especially for your trotters? Short of being exceptionally rude to waiters, I can't think of much to surpass this. While I'm never rude to anybody who doesn't deserve it, I can't wait for my Dr. Evils to turn up.

Special Win 98 section

Most of the security sites do a decent job of covering the major operating systems when it comes down to those little and large bugs that keep the vendors in business. But this is the first one I've found that devotes a section to the ever-popular and ever-buggy Windows 98. It's worth bookmarking if that's your bag.

Mac history

Considering the site on the left-hand side of the first slash, you'd expect a throughly academic job of cataloging the inception through present day of the Macintosh computer. While the attribution source list is extensive, it's a thoroughly enjoyable read for computer historians and the curious. The images section is a little bizarre, but everything else is solid.

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