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Letters to the Editors

An apology to Fairfax House

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published September 11, 2001

Editor: I am ashamed to say I was one of the residents who signed that petition about Fairfax House. When Joanie Sederquist knocked on my door, I had no idea that there was a group home coming onto my street. She seemed as though she had researched this and knew what she was talking about. She told me that the people moving in were mentally ill, unstable people and that both of us being parents we should be concerned about the dangers these people could bring to our children.

She went on and on and eventually got me to sign. I said to her right away when she started telling me about the home that if the people moving in were simple mentally challenged that I had no problem with that but she insisted otherwise. After I read about the history of Joanie and her husband, I feel that my neighbors and I have much more to fear living next to the Sederquists than the residents that just moved in, whom I might add I have never seen nor heard since they moved in.

I again would like to sincerely apologize to my new neighbors for my signature on that petition and to bring attention to the fact that what the residents of Fairfax Drive have to worry about is not some people that we never see but the highly visible ones that have been involved with drugs and sexual abuse. As a mother of two beautiful girls, that really concerns me.
-- Laura Rehmer, New Port Richey

Embassy Hills campaign is ignorance at work

Editor: I couldn't believe my eyes reading what Joanie Sederquist was doing in Embassy Hills. I haven't seen that much stupidity since the late '60s. In my opinion what she is doing is no less than ethnic cleansing in Embassy Hills. I am a stepfather to a boy who has Down's syndrome. When he was 8 years old, I put him in Boy Scouts, He is now going on 19. He is very close to earning his highest rank in Scouting, his Eagle Rank. He has worked very hard to get this far.

I am also involved with a Scout troop that is geared for those with special needs. As an adult leader, father, and friend to many, many people with special needs, it saddens me that people are still ignorant about those with special needs. Why don't you take a minute, walk over there and meet them?

You may just learn something about them and you may also learn something about yourself. We have a motto in our troop "They May Be Slow . . . But Watch Them Go!"
-- Joe Foster, Hudson

It's time to get on with East Road work

Re: Complaints drive paving plan, Sept. 3

Editor: How nice to find out we have a commissioner who is not only good looking but smart also.

We live on the last half of Houston Avenue and the only road is East Road. For a really scenic, fun drive, try taking East Road north to Houston. Unless you try this road, you will not believe such a road exists. The reason for this poor road is one absentee landowner who will not agree to have the road paved.

According to Pete Altman, yes, we need some relief. We live at Gulf Coast Resort along with many other families, and when we moved here 12 years ago, we were appalled to find such road conditions even existed in Pasco County.

I suggest Pasco County realize we are not still living in the horse-and-buggy era. Remember, this is the state of sunshine and retirement, an enjoy-yourself type of place. Forced assessment is the only way to go. Let's get on with the program and make us proud to live in Pasco County.
-- Trudy Sanderson, Hudson

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