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International Plaza trivia

By Times staff

© St. Petersburg Times, published September 13, 2001



78 acres of land, nearly double the size of MOSI's Back Woods.


1.45-million people hours of work from start to finish, equivalent to one person working a 40-hour week for 725 years.

An average 72,500 people hours worked per month, equivalent to eight human years, or 56 dog years.

More than 850 people working on site each day, more than double the entire NBA player roster.

4,030 tons of steel, enough to manufacture 3,030 automobiles.

430,081 square feet of roofing, enough to cover the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' playing field nearly nine times.

14,909 cubic yards of cement, enough to fill every tank in the Florida Aquarium -- three times each.

120,000 square feet of plaster, enough to cover nearly 26 professional basketball courts.

237 miles of electrical wiring and 12.07 miles of electrical conduit, enough to stretch 50 miles into Georgia from International Plaza.

4,359 sprinkler heads in the fire-prevention system, one for every seat in all four auditoriums of the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center -- with 259 left over.

44,480 feet of underground utility piping, enough to wrap nearly 124 times around the base line of Tropicana Field.


130,000 feet of tile, enough to cover the Tampa Bay Lightning's playing ice more than 71/2 times.

22 skylights: The largest, 1,600 square feet, would cover more than five shuffleboard courts.

3,500 feet of hand rails, enough to stretch all the way to the end of The Pier in St. Petersburg and nearly halfway back.

7,175 light fixtures, nearly enough to span Tampa Bay if placed every two feet along the Howard Frankland Bridge.

55.5 miles of painted pavement stripes, enough to stretch from International Plaza to beyond Sarasota.

2.24-million square feet of asphalt in the parking lots, enough to cover all of Adventure Island 11/3 times.

2,100 live trees.

- Source: International Plaza

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