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What they're saying

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published September 15, 2001

"Nobody in my family is hurt. But our big family, that's what you feel. In New York, everybody's a family right now."

"Nobody in my family is hurt. But our big family, that's what you feel. In New York, everybody's a family right now."

-- JOHN FRANCO, Mets pitcher and native New Yorker

"At this point, it's hard to really believe that people can emotionally come and cheer and be into a ballgame right now. ... Maybe through the weekend, it could possibly be the amount of time. I doubt it, but it's something we'll have to see."

-- CHRIS SINGLETON, White Sox outfielder, on MLB's decision to resume Monday

"As a player, you went out and did what they asked us to do at the time. A few weeks after that, we said we probably shouldn't have played. ... We've had a longer time to think about (Tuesday's attacks), looking at TV every day and seeing what happened in New York and Washington."

-- DICK HOAK, Steelers assistant coach and former running back who played two days after President Kennedy's assassination, on that week and on the NFL's decision this week not to play

"This is all I've been thinking about. I leave my TV on CNN, all day and all night. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and hear that somebody is attacking us again."

-- DWAYNE BLAKLEY, University of Missouri tight end

"I got out. I saw the twin towers burning (on television), saw them talking about it on CNN, and I said, "I'm getting the hell out of here."'

-- RANDY MCKAY, New Jersey Devils forward, who was on a plane at Newark Airport, waiting to fly out so he could attend his father-in-law's funeral, when he heard the news.

"Baseball is really such a small part of this. We get consumed by it, but it's really not that important. One guy hits a home run, that's great, but .. "

-- GEORGE STEINBRENNER, New York Yankees owner

"One of the things we can do to help the kids is to maintain a regular schedule of things. Friday night football in the fall is about as regular as you can get."

-- BRAD MANARD, Superintendent of the Solon (Iowa) School District on playing a high school football game Friday

"We could play it to show we won't be intimidated by this terrorism. But in more fully appreciating the casualties of this disaster, (not playing) became a way to show our solidarity with the fallen."

-- REV. JOSEPH A. O'HARE, Fordham president on not playing its game against Columbia

"I don't feel it would have been appropriate (to play NFL games) first of all; and secondly, who cares about coming to a football game? Who cares? I don't even want to come and play and I'm a player."

-- MICHAEL STRAHAN, Giants defensive end

"We're like any other team in baseball, we're down to an extent. This is the biggest tragedy I've seen in my lifetime, and the players care about what happened."

-- CHARLIE MANUEL, Indians manager

"By Tuesday, I think America will be ready for baseball. You go through a period like this, then life goes on."


"There's a big danger for the drivers and fans since no one knows what will happen. An event that has 100,000 spectators and without special security precautions, as is the case here, could be a target for attacks."

-- RALF SCHUMACHER, Formula One driver, about the prospect of flying to America for the U.S. Grand Prix Sept. 30 at Indianapolis. He added that he wouldn't take his family to Indianapolis.

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