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E-mail for emergencies

Are you glued to your e-mail as some people are to their TV? Are you so hip that your ultra-modern phone is a full-blown wireless communication device? Then this free service is for you. After signing up and specifying your locality on this site, you'll get e-mail alerts of pending natural disasters and other emergencies. Local coverage is good and our area of Florida is covered. Unnatural disasters such as the store being out of frozen pizza or the in-laws coming to stay for the weekend are not covered at this time. Now I'd pay money for that.

T-shirts and mugs? Easy!

If you run a small, successful Web site and are longing to get your logo on the chests of your viewership, this could be of interest. It's a free service that will take your computer-generated images and slap them on T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and the like, and give you the chance to make a little money in the bargain. As if handling the production and fulfillment weren't enough, Cafe Press of course will handle the credit card billing and has a 30-day, no-quibble return policy. Very nifty.

Free space

It seems that getting free Web space is almost to the point where it's offered as a prize in a box of breakfast cereal. GeoTriYahooCities, or whatever that conglomeration is called this week, gives you plenty of space for your Web site but doesn't really shine in the dynamic page generation area. In fact, a page buried deep in the bowels of Geocities says that it doesn't support CGI scripts or .EXEs at all. So this list of free Web sites shows those that support server-side scripting and has user-generated reviews of some of them.

Look out, Outlook

One of my many duties at home, apart from taking out the trash and doing the dishes when they start falling out of the overflowing sink, is to keep the plethora of computers running. She Who Must Be Obeyed has an iBook and after opening IE5, Word and some other bloated application, she was miffed to discover that Outlook Express would curl up and die for no apparent reason. As it turns out, insufficient random access memory was the culprit. Being as cheap as I am, I'd much rather shell out $12 for Mike Bailey's highly efficient MailCall software and not have the gargantuan Outlook running unless necessary. And he lives in Sarasota so I can go and yell outside his office window if it breaks.

Thoughts in space

Let's hope there might be something left of humanity in 50,000 years when this CD of present-day, Web-generated comments returns to Earth. That's providing it doesn't get whacked by a meteorite or some less-than-advanced alien life form. They'd be less advanced because they'd still be using CDs instead of DVDs, of course. Use this site to send your wisdom to future generations through the Web-based form.

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