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What do the experts use?

By DAVE GUSSOW Times Technology Editor

© St. Petersburg Times, published October 4, 1999

The experts follow their own advice when it comes to search engine favorites: They don't rely on just one.

"I go all over," said Danny Sullivan, editor of the Search Engine Watch newsletter. "My choices are not necessarily the choices for everyone else. . . . They work for me and I like them but I know what they're doing."

He uses traditional favorites such as AltaVista to get into the nooks and crannies of cyberspace, as well as Yahoo "because you have humans organizing the Web." Sullivan also likes a newer site.

"I've used Google a lot more," he said. "For once, the hype has been very good."

Randolph Hock, author of Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines: A Handbook for the Serious Searcher, echoed Sullivan's comments on AltaVista and Google. He also mentioned Northern Light (, which he said "provides excellent results."

Steve Lawrence, a researcher at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N.J., simply said, "It depends on what I'm looking for."

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