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One-stop hijack


© St. Petersburg Times, published October 11, 1999

Those pesky passwords! Each Web site seems to want a different way of logging in. While many will mail you a forgotten password, you have to take the time to key in the correct e-mail address. How tedious. But in the world of Yodlee, you simply go to its site and -- bingo! -- all your banking information and e-mail is in one place. Forgive my doubting nature but isn't this akin to putting all of your keys, ATM codes and instructions on how to get into your house in an envelope? By nature, people pick passwords that are easy to remember -- pets' names, last names, etc. -- and are therefore insecure. With a service like this, it's one-stop shopping for identity theft. Be afraid.

Man bites hamster

Ah, the anticipation of fall Florida weather is positively making my teeth tingle. Oh, how I long to sit on my patio in the morning, drink coffee and then, caffeinated out of my tiny little mind, climb into my own personal Zorb ball and roll to work. Alas this fantasy falls short on two fronts: The only real way to get me outside is to set my house on fire, and you can't own a Zorb ball, just rent one. Whatever. If you're a company with deep pockets, rent one of these devices for your next company picnic. And invite me.

Speaking of the outdoors . . .

My stereotypical friend always says, "Stereotypes happen for a reason." Far be it from me to bring any enlightenment, challenges or depth to a friend's perspective. With that in mind, let's roll through a few: Geeks don't like to go outside; people who work in cubes don't have windows; and computer people will have panic attacks if you take them away from the keyboard for more than 20 minutes. If you are stuck on some abysmal project and really don't get to see the outside very much, make Geek Culture's Freshair page your home page. Every day you'll be met with a new picture of nature's majesty. On your computer monitor, in your tiny window-less cube. Enjoy!

And it's not in Florida!

Why is it that our beloved state seems to be a target for the weirdo press? Hardly a day goes by without somewhere such as Riverview being slammed in News of the Weird. Why not cast the lens toward Texas, home of the Corndog Festival? Hey, we mostly do strawberries here. That's pretty normal by comparison.

Windows Geeks Only

This one is for the geeky, but it's very good if you've got the inclination or time to get it to work. If you share a PC with another person or have a laptop with a bunch of information you'd like to keep secure even if the machine is stolen, this free, open-source software might be right up your street. Very simply, it takes a chunk of your hard disk, creates one file and then turns that file into a virtual disk drive. Using this software, you open and store your information on that drive as you normally would, except the information is safe from prying eyes. Without the right passwords, the information is unreadable. Just don't lose that password!">

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