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Cart racing has swept the video game scene, with recent releases such as Lego Racers and the soon-to-be-released Crash Team Racing. Long overlooked, however, has been the world of R/Cs -- popular in the '80s, but somewhat passe as we approach 2000.

That doesn't mean an R/C video game can't be fun, and Re-Volt certainly delivers in this area. What Re-Volt does is throw a ton of toy cars your way, some gas-powered, some electric, and then offers a number of light-hearted tracks, such as the Supermarket and Toytanic.

Making the races more interesting are turbo chargers and a contagious fuse that can be transferred from one car's antenna to another's, like a game of hot potato, until an unlucky racer explodes. Finally, a stunt course encourages players to perform some serious R/C tricks made less frustrating by Re-Volt's good handling. So take control and have a blast because you may not see another R/C racer for a while.

Grade: A

NHL 200 PLATFORM: PlayStation

You know it's hockey season in the Tampa Bay area because temperatures are in the low 80s and because EA Sports has graced us with another installment of its premiere hockey series. The franchise that never tires has gotten better with added game play and an expansive career mode

This year's NHL is speeded up, to the point that you almost need experience with prior versions. Those who don't have to learn the intricacies of one-timers, forechecking and the big deke in rookie mode before they should attempt the harder levels.

EA adds pinpoint passing, in which one button is assigned to each player, implements the big hit -- a brutal cross check -- and manual shooting, where you can pick your spot on the net, to enhance what was an already flawless system. Fights also are quicker. And you have to deal with free agency, retirement and the draft in NHL 2000's career mode. It's a hockey lover's dream come true.

Grade: A+

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