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The week in review

A look back at the week's top stories

By Times staff reports

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published October 28, 2001

DRUG PLANE DIVERTED: When a small plane steered off course near the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant, the U.S. Air Force sent two F-16s to its side and forced the plane to land at the Crystal River Airport. Authorities said they found 65 pounds of marijuana on board. Pilot Vernon Williams, 53, and passenger Brian Hagen, 26, both of Melbourne, were arrested and accused of drug trafficking.

STUDENT HOAX: A Citrus High School student who typed "Anthrax is here and in this school, bye now" during a computer class was arrested and accused of creating a hoax weapon of mass destruction.

COMMISSIONERS GO TO TALLAHASSEE: County commissioners Vicki Phillips and Gary Bartell, along with County Administrator Richard Wesch, went to Tallahassee in hopes of persuading lawmakers to go easy on counties as they cut the state budget. But many items the county fears, including a possible shift of Medicaid spending from the state to the counties, appeared headed for approval.

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