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Crystal River Charter Amendments

Seven measures would rewrite parts of Crystal River's city charter.

By Times staff writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published November 1, 2000

Crystal River voters will be asked to address seven city charter amendments on Tuesday. They include:

AMENDMENT 1: City Council chairperson serving in the mayor's absence has no veto power.

AMENDMENT 2: Requires City Council to adopt an ordinance on city's purchasing policies and imposes limits on how much city manager can spend without council approval.

AMENDMENT 3: Council and mayor salaries will be set by ordinance, not resolution.

AMENDMENT 4: Mayor no longer must deliver annual state of city message to council and public.

AMENDMENT 5: Council will pass an ordinance defining standards of conduct for council members and disciplinary action against them. Either the mayor or city manager would have the authority to call a special council meeting to address such questions.

AMENDMENT 6: Provides specific timetables for a charter review committee to be formed and report to council, as well as clarifying methods of selecting committee members.

AMENDMENT 7: Sets four-year terms of office for council members and mayor and implements a schedule for elections being held every two years.

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