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© St. Petersburg Times, published November 8, 2000


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in heart of solid Republican South.
  • HOUSE: Former first lady Marsha Folsom loses to Republican Rep. Robert Aderholt.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Voters repealed century-old ban against interracial marriage.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • HOUSE: Veteran Republican Rep. Don Young faced only token opposition for sole seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Legalize marijuana.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins. Clinton in 1996 was the first Democrat to win here since Truman.
  • SENATE: Democrats labeled Jon Kyl the most vulnerable GOP senator but failed to field a candidate.
  • HOUSE: Republican Jeff Flake led in race to replace GOP's Matt Salmon, who is honoring term-limits pledge.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins Clinton's home state.
  • HOUSE: Republican incumbent Jay Dickey struggling with state Senator Mike Ross for seat where Clinton was born and raised.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Property tax relief that would trigger an automatic half-cent sales tax increase -- and increase not mentioned in ballot question.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins in state Clinton won in 1992 and '96 after six straight GOP victories.
  • SENATE: Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein easily defeatsr GOP Rep. Bill Campbell.
  • HOUSE: Rep. James Rogan, House manager during Clinton impeachment trial, faced aggressive challenge by Democratic state Sen. Adam Schiff.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Statewide school voucher program rejected; voters divided over plan to send first- and second-time drug use offenders to treatment, not prison.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins. State went for Papa Bush in 1988, Clinton in 1992, Dole in 1996.
  • HOUSE: Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, whose district encompasses Columbine High School, returned $7,500 in donations from National Rifle Association and hunting club.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Initiative, led by father of slain Columbine student, to require background checks at gun shows passes.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins his running mate's state. Bush was born here while father was at Yale.
  • SENATE: Lieberman easily turns back challenge by Republican Philip Giordano, mayor of Waterbury; he'd quit for vice presidency.
  • HOUSE: Democratic Rep. Sam Gejdenson fired two campaign workers who admitted planting story critical of Republican challenger Robert Simmons' Vietnam War record.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Eliminate 334-year-old position of county high sheriff.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • SENATE: Gov. Tom Carper beats Republican incumbent Bill Roth.
  • GOVERNOR: Democratic Lt. Gov. Ruth Ann Minner defeats state Chamber of Commerce President John Burris.
  • HOUSE: Republican Rep. Mike Castle expected to win handily over Mike Miller to keep lone seat.

District of Columbia

  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • HOUSE: Non-voting delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat, a shoo-in.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush brother's state a major battleground.
  • SENATE: Democrat Bill Nelson defeats GOP Rep. Bill McCollum for open seat. Republican Connie Mack is retiring after two terms.
  • HOUSE: Republican Ric Keller defeats former Orange County chairwoman Linda Chapin in race for McCollum's seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Voters were poised to order their government to spend billions to build a high-speed train network, starting in three years.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • SENATE: Democratic appointee Zell Miller takes seven-way race to serve remaining four years of late Sen. Paul Coverdell's term.
  • HOUSE: Democrat Roger Kahn poured $2-million of own money into bid to unseat conservative Republican Bob Barr in 7th District.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to guarantee property-tax breaks granted by Legislature in 1999.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • SENATE: Democratic Sen. Daniel Akaka easily won re-election.
  • HOUSE: 2D. Democratic incumbent Patsy Mink faced former NFL tight end Russ Francis' almost invisible campaign.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Give University of Hawaii greater self-governance.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins. Lyndon Johnson was last Democrat to win here.
  • HOUSE: GOP Lt. Gov. Butch Otter, despite checkered past, including drunken-driving conviction, led for seat of retiring GOP Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to allow state land-sale proceeds to be spent on more profitable property.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore rides huge wave of support from Democratic Chicago to capture state.
  • HOUSE: Democratic state lawmaker Lauren Beth Gash faced former Republican congressional aide Mark Kirk in swing district north of Chicago.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • SENATE: Four-term Republican incumbent Richard Lugar defeats attorney David Johnson.
  • GOVERNOR: Incumbent Frank O'Bannon easy winner over GOP Rep. David McIntosh.
  • HOUSE: Orthopedic surgeon Paul Perry emphasized health issues in bid to unseat three-term Republican John Hostettler in "Bloody Eighth" district.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution so convicts sentenced to 50 years or more couldn't appeal directly to state Supreme Court.


  • PRESIDENT: Tossup in state Democrats carried last three times.
  • HOUSE: Greg Ganske, plastic surgeon, has mostly ignored Democratic challenger Mike Huston.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Call a state constitutional convention, a question placed on ballot by law every 10 years.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • HOUSE: State Rep. Phill Kline hoped turnout for Bush would help him unseat freshman Democratic Rep. Dennis Moore.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to allow Legislature to cut taxes on boats, private planes.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in a walk.
  • HOUSE: State Rep. Eleanor Jordan fails in bid to become state's first black congresswoman; Republican Anne Northup spent record $2-million to defeat her.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to create annual sessions of General Assembly.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • HOUSE: Six incumbents easily defeat little-known, underfunded challengers.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to swap sales taxes on food and utilities for restructured personal income taxes -- and reap $200-million for education.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins, but Bush hoped to claim family's summer home state, where father finished third behind Clinton and Perot in 1992.
  • SENATE: Popular Republican Olympia Snowe beats Democrat Mark W. Lawrence.
  • HOUSE: Both Democrats favored for re-election win.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend state human rights act to cover gays and lesbians; authorize physician-assisted suicide.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • SENATE: Democratic Sen. Paul Sarbanes becomes first in state history elected to fifth Senate term.
  • HOUSE: All incumbents running and favored.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore takes Democratic stronghold.
  • SENATE: Sen. Edward Kennedy wins seventh full term, defeating Republican Jack E. Robinson.
  • HOUSE: All 10 seats held by Democrats; all incumbents favored; five unopposed.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Cut income tax rate from 5.85 percent to 5 percent. Deny prisoners right to vote. Abolish greyhound racing.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins with help of women voters; nearly tied Bush among men.
  • SENATE: First-term Republican Spence Abraham's big lead over Rep. Debbie Stabenow narrowed after debates, additional Stabenow advertising.
  • HOUSE: Only close race featured state Sens. Mike Rogers, Republican, and Dianne Byrum, a Democrat, seeking Stabenow's seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Voters reject vouchers for private or parochial school tuition in failing public school districts.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore takes traditionally Democratic stronghold.
  • SENATE: Department-store heir Mark Dayton used own millions to defeat incumbent Republican Rod Grams.
  • HOUSE: Incumbent Rep. Bill Luther in toughest fight as Republicans poured in money to back former presidential aide John Kline, who came within four points of beating Luther in 1998.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Residents of Ventura, Minn., decide to change name of city that honors governor back to St. Augusta.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins, as expected.
  • SENATE: Majority Leader Trent Lott defeats Democrat Troy Brown.
  • HOUSE: All incumbents win. In hottest race, freshman Democrat Ronnie Shows defeated underfunded challenger Dunn Lampton.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in state that's gone with White House winner all but once (1956) since before World War I.
  • SENATE: Republican John Ashcroft battled for second term against late Gov. Mel Carnahan, who died in plane crash too late to remove name from ballot. Widow Jean Carnahan would be appointed if husband won.
  • GOVERNOR: GOP Rep. Jim Talent and Democratic State Treasurer Bob Holden in close race.
  • HOUSE: Dick Gephardt challenged by Republican Bill Federer, even as Gephardt hoped to become House speaker.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Ban new billboards along highways; public financing of election campaigns.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in state that has gone Democratic only twice in 50 years.
  • SENATE: Wealthy farmer Brian Schweitzer rode voter anger over high prescription drug costs into close race against two-term GOP incumbent Conrad Burns.
  • GOVERNOR: Democrat Mark O'Keefe in cliffhanger after pouring $2.2-million of his money into race against Republican Judy Martz. GOP Gov. Mark Racicot barred from running again.
  • HOUSE: Dennis Rehberg vied with Democrat Nancy Keenan to replace Republican Rick Hill for lone House seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Would restrict game farms, where customers pay to take part in "canned hunts" on private property.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins, sweeping state's electoral votes, which are split by congressional district.
  • SENATE: Race to replace retiring Sen. Bob Kerrey too close to call after Douglas County, the state's largest, reported voting problems. Ben Nelson, one of Nebraska's most popular governors, was favored over Attorney General Don Stenberg.
  • HOUSE: Former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne, arguably state's most popular resident, scored touchdown to take only open seat over Democrat Rollie Reynolds. Lee Terry and Doug Bereuter re-elected.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amendment to ban same-sex marriages passes.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in state Clinton narrowly won twice.
  • SENATE: Vegas lawyer Ed Bernstein trailed as Democrats' attack ads targeting conservative GOP candidate John Ensign backfired. Democrat Richard Bryan retiring after two terms.
  • HOUSE: Re-election walk for GOP Rep. Jim Gibbons. Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley ahead despite strong challenge from state Sen. Jon Porter.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amendment to ban gay marriages passes.

New Hampshire

  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins by slim margin.
  • GOVERNOR: Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen defeats former GOP Sen. Gordon Humphrey.
  • HOUSE: Rep. John E. Sununu, son of former White House chief of staff, turns back spirited challenge from Democrat Martha Fuller Clark.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to let towns pass ordinances on issues not covered by state laws or rules.

New Jersey

  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins with big support from women, seniors and moderates.
  • SENATE: Former Wall Street banker Jon Corzine spent record $60-million to defeat Republican Rep. Bob Franks. Democrat Frank Lautenberg retiring.
  • HOUSE: Freshman Democrat Rush Holt, physicist and upset winner in 1998, loses to former Rep. Dick Zimmer.
  • PROPOSITIONS: By 4-to-1 margin, voters allowed more widespread community notification about released sex offenders, including posting information on the Internet.

New Mexico

  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins in state that has picked loser only in 1976.
  • SENATE: Three-term Democrat Jeff Bingaman wins against three-term Democrat Jeff Bingaman.
  • HOUSE: Former U.S. Attorney John Kelly defended his prosecution of Wen Ho Lee while bidding to unseat Republican Heather Wilson.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Rejected proposal to eliminate term limits for elected county officials.

New York

  • PRESIDENT: Gore easily defeated Bush in state where Bill Clinton retains popularity.
  • SENATE: Hillary Rodham Clinton defeats Republican Rep. Rick Lazio in nation's marquee Senate race, becoming only first lady ever elected to public office. Democrat Pat Moynihan retiring after four terms.
  • HOUSE: Battle for Lazio's seat pitted Islip Town Clerk Joan Johnson, seeking to become the nation's first black Republican woman in Congress, against Steven Israel, a town councilman.
  • PROPOSITIONS: $3.8-billion transportation bond act.

North Carolina

  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins easily.
  • GOVERNOR: Democratic Attorney General Mike Easley defeats Republican Richard Vinroot for an open seat. Democrat Jim Hunt barred from seeking third consecutive term.
  • HOUSE: Republican Rep. Robin Hayes faced tough challenge from Mike Taylor in second-term bid in heavily Democratic 8th District.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Record $3.1-billion bond issue for higher education construction passes.

North Dakota

  • PRESIDENT: Bush, as expected, beats Gore. Wilson, FDR and LBJ only Democrats to carry state in last century.
  • SENATE: Incumbent Democrat Kent Conrad defeats Republican newcomer and former Navy submariner Duane Sand.
  • GOVERNOR: Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp, being treated for breast cancer, loses to Republican John Hoeven, former president of Bank of North Dakota.
  • HOUSE: Democrat Earl Pomeroy appeared solid despite Republican John Dorso's arguments that Pomeroy was ineffective as state's lone congressman.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Constitutional amendment to make hunting, fishing and trapping protected rights.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins nation's seventh-largest electoral prize.
  • SENATE: Mike DeWine becomes first GOP senator re-elected in Ohio since 1952, defeating Ted Celeste, brother of former governor Dick Celeste.
  • HOUSE: Rep. James Traficant Jr. wins ninth term despite FBI corruption probe and pledge to vote Republican for House speaker.
  • PROPOSITION: Borrow $400-million to clean up abandoned industrial sites and set aside land for environmental preservation.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in state that hasn't gone for a Democrat since 1964.
  • HOUSE: Democrat Brad Carson claimed an open seat after GOP incumbent Tom Coburn adhered to a self-imposed limit of three terms and retired. Five Republican incumbents won re-election, including J.C. Watts.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Voters overwhelmingly approved creating a trust fund for most of the tobacco settlement money, with earnings going to health care, medical research and smoking prevention.


  • PRESIDENT: Democrats feared Ralph Nader in one of his strongest states.
  • HOUSE: GOP targeted Democratic incumbents Darlene Hooley and David Wu, but opponents were heavily outspent and didn't appear in a single TV ad.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Most incendiary measure would prohibit public school teachers from "encouraging, promoting or sanctioning" homosexual or bisexual behavior.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins nation's fifth largest electoral prize, key state taken by every successful candidate since 1972.
  • SENATE: Republican Sen. Rick Santorum an easy winner for second term.

Rhode Island

  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • SENATE: Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee wins and will serve rest of deceased father's term.
  • HOUSE: Rep. Patrick Kennedy faced token opposition.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Authorize $25- million in bonds for first history museum.

South Carolina

  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins.
  • HOUSE: Republican Rep. Mark Sanford stepping down to honor three-term pledge in district that has elected Republicans for 20 years.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Democratic Gov. Jim Hodges' lottery to support education is approved.

South Dakota

  • PRESIDENT: Bush prevails in state no Democrat has won since LBJ.
  • HOUSE: Republican John Thune won third term, defeating novice office-seeker Curt Hohn, a water pipeline manager.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Anti-gambling forces tried to repeal state-sanctioned video lottery, one of biggest sources of state income.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore the first candidate to lose home state since George McGovern failed to carry South Dakota in 1972.
  • SENATE: Republican Bill Frist wins a second term over college professor Jeff Clark.
  • HOUSE: All incumbents expected to win.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins home state.
  • SENATE: GOP incumbent Kay Bailey Hutchison beats Democrat Gene Kelly.
  • GOVERNOR: Republican Lt. Gov. Rick Perry in line for big promotion if Bush wins presidency.
  • HOUSE: GOP Rep. Pete Sessions faced tough challenge from Regina Montoya Coggins, who served briefly in Clinton White House.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Use hotel and rental car tax money to pay for $256-million Houston arena.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush easily defeats Gore in state with long GOP tradition.
  • SENATE: Incumbent Republican Orrin Hatch beats State Senate Minority leader Scott Howell for fifth term.
  • GOVERNOR: GOP's Mike Leavitt becomes second governor to win three terms, defeating former Democratic Rep. Bill Orton.
  • HOUSE: Democrat Jim Matheson -- son of popular former governor -- stood excellent chance of taking Salt Lake City-area seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Make English the official language.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins.
  • SENATE: Sen. Jim Jeffords, whom Clinton once called his favorite Republican senator, wins as expected.
  • GOVERNOR: Democratic Gov. Howard Dean, under fire for supporting gay rights, wins fifth two-year term against Ruth Dwyer.
  • HOUSE: Independent Bernie Sanders faced token opposition in re-election bid for single seat.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins easily.
  • SENATE: Former Gov. George Allen defeats Democrat Sen. Chuck Robb.
  • HOUSE: Democrat-turned-Independent Virgil Goode wins, along with Republican Eric I. Cantor.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amendment to make hunting and fishing constitutionally protected rights passes.


  • PRESIDENT: Gore wins. No Republican has won here since 1984.
  • SENATE: Maria Cantwell, high-tech millionaire and ex-congresswoman, beats third-term Republican Slade Gorton.
  • GOVERNOR: Incumbent Democrat Gary Locke strongly favored for second term over John Carlson, former radio talk-show host.
  • HOUSE: Democrat Rick Larsen and Republican John Koster locked in tight battle for seat vacated by GOP's Jack Metcalf.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Guarantee cost-of-living raises for teachers and staff, tap state's surplus to reduce class sizes, expand programs.

West Virginia

  • PRESIDENT: Bush narrowly defeats Gore in state previously won by only three Republicans since 1932: Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan.
  • SENATE: Democrat Robert C. Byrd assured of winning eighth term.
  • GOVERNOR: Rep. Bob Wise defeats Republican Gov. Cecil Underwood, at 78 the nation's oldest governor.
  • HOUSE: Lawyer Jim Humphreys battled Republican Shelley Moore Capito, a housewife, in highly negative and expensive 2nd District race for Wise's seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Voters approve constitutional amendment to create new family court system.


  • PRESIDENT: Down to the wire in state visited 19 times by Bush or Gore.
  • SENATE: Uphill fight for Rawhide Boys Ranch founder John Gillespie against two-term Democratic incumbent Herb Kohl.
  • HOUSE: Closest race pit Republican John Sharpless against incumbent Tammy Baldwin, first openly gay woman in Congress.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Extend right to vote to children of U.S. citizens who lived in Wisconsin before moving overseas, as long as the children are 18 and can't vote elsewhere.


  • PRESIDENT: Bush wins in running mate Dick Cheney's home state.
  • SENATE: Republican Craig Thomas beats Lyndon LaRouche follower Mel Logan.
  • HOUSE: Incumbent Republican Barbara Cubin wins fourth term in lone House seat.
  • PROPOSITIONS: Amend constitution to remove long-ignored language prohibiting women, out-of-staters and older citizens from serving in National Guard.

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