John F. Kennedy: The Exhibition
President John F. Kennedy's visit to the Tampa Bay area on Nov. 18, 1963.
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EDITOR: Nancy Waclawek
WRITERS: Dave Scheiber, Mary Evertz, David Rogers,
Mary Ann Marger, Chris Sherman

Camelot's spirit endures
Despite well-publicized blemishes in recent years, this "bright shining moment" in American history lives on in people's hearts and minds.

Items trace a president's life
The exhibit will contain more than 600 items, capturing all aspects of his life: from marriage and family to politics and power.

Evelyn Lincoln devoted her life to Camelot
President Kennedy's personal secretary kept virtually everything the president touched, constantly reliving what she described as the best time of her life.

Kennedy charisma overwhelms in last visit
Those who witnessed the president's Tampa visit remember how his confidence mesmerized the crowds.

JFK: The Exhibition facts, figures
WHAT: John F. Kennedy: The Exhibition

JFK: A timeline of his life

Kennedy family tree

Area's museums provide wide range of art and more
The next six months bring a variety of art exhibits to museums in the Tampa Bay area.

Diners will find presidential spread downtown
Downtown St. Petersburg is not yet Camelot, but restaurateurs are setting a wide menu on local tables during "John F. Kennedy: The Exhibition."

Favorite nearby restaurants

Despite ups and downs, museum leads downtown resurrection
In its five years of existence, the Florida International Museum has brought about 2-million people to its exhibits, and subsequently downtown.

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