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Letters to the Editors

Give direction to area's future professionals

© St. Petersburg Times, published November 24, 2000

Editor: Last week I participated at Gulf High in the Great American Teach-In by speaking to two of Coach DeWalt's classes on becoming a lawyer. I provided an overview of the aptitude, attitude and fortitude necessary to be admitted to law school, graduate, pass the Florida Bar and then succeed in the practice of law.

The students were both polite and courteous. Some of their questions, which reflected a miserable home environment, broke my heart. I don't know if they enjoyed my presentation, but they were very respectful and seemed to be listening.

This is to encourage other business people to participate next year. You only have to volunteer as much time as you can allow. If you fear that you might be treated as you behaved when a teenager, let me suggest that today's youth might be better disciplined than you were.

I will probably never know if I encouraged or discouraged anyone from becoming a lawyer, but I gave them a perspective to help them make that decision.
-- N. John Stewart Jr., New Port Richey

Chad, in its many forms, keeps decision on hold

Editor: The voters of the state of Florida, with the help of the Supreme Court, its lower courts and a gaggle of lawyers have made a big mess out of the election for a new president of the United States.

For the most part, the problem is centered around a thing called a chad. My dictionary says Chad is a country in north Africa. The people in charge say it is a small piece of paper that is supposed to drop from a cavity on a ballot after it is pushed out by a stylus. In many cases, it appears that the voter did not push hard enough to fully separate the chad from the bottom of the cavity, thereby creating a chad that is either dimpled, hanging or pregnant.

I have a pretty good idea on how it became dimpled or hanging, but am at a loss as to how it became pregnant. I believe the legal community should enlighten us on how this happened; after all, it is their baby.
-- Joe Guida, New Port Richey

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