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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Disney Interactive

It didn't take long for the hit TV show to appear as a computer game. It's faithful to the popular quiz show, with trivia questions ranging from easy to real stumpers. (Hint: A knowledge of pop culture helps.) Developed by the same company that created the popular You Don't Know Jack games, it is peppered with sassy comments from host Regis Philbin (such as pointing out no tax bill when you lose). Multiplayer games are possible, with head-to-head competition only to determine the order of play. I played it more than I expected after taking it home -- and didn't win a million dollars.

Platform reviewed: Windows

Mind Gym

Simon & Schuster Interactive

The game's slogan is appealing: "A mental workout for everyday achievers -- No brain, no gain." Once you get past the tedious introductory quizzes (which we couldn't figure out how to skip), the program includes a Wheel of Fortune-type word game, a challenging math game and a maze game on a black screen. My teenage daughter particularly liked the math game.

Platform reviewed: Windows

Print Shop Deluxe


This publishing program has it all: It passes the kid test on ease of use and flexibility, particularly important for school projects. It comes loaded with 160,000 ClickArt images and 8,000 layouts, includes photo editing functions and lets you create Web pages. My son liked it so much that we abandoned another program that we had preferred for years.

Platform reviewed: Windows

NIRA Intense Import Drag Racing

Bethesda Softworks

This game provides many opportunities for drag-racing enthusiasts to tinker with their cars, from the engine setup to paint schemes, according to a friend who is an auto racing fan. But he says the amount of tinkering you can do is offset by the short races. If you're not into drag racing, it can quickly become tedious and boring.

Platform reviewed: Windows

AMA Superbike


Again turning to my race-fan friend, he found it difficult to master the controls in the motorcycle races, but the practice levels were challenging. His children, on the other hand, were off and running after only a few minutes of instruction. For those who can master the game, Internet play is available.

Platform reviewed: Windows

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