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Files in cookie folder speed Web surfing


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 18, 1999

Q. The following dat files appear in my Windows cookie folder: Index.dat, Mm2048.dat and Mm256.dat. How did they get there? What are they, and are they important? Should they be moved and where?

A. This is probably more than you'll want to know but here it is: The Mm256.dat and Mm2048.dat files are cache files used by Internet Explorer. When you visit a Web page, Internet Explorer assigns the Web address a unique identification number and searches the Mm256.dat and Mm2048.dat files for that identification number. If the Web page's identification number is found, the contents of the Web page are stored locally on your computer's hard disk and Internet Explorer uses the locally stored content instead of downloading the information from the Internet. This makes your Web surfing appear faster. Mm256.dat stores the identification numbers of Web pages whose Web addresses are equal to or less than 256 characters while the Mm2048.dat file is used to store the identification numbers of Web pages whose Web addresses are between 257 and 2048 characters. The Index.dat file is a cross reference between files in your Temporary Internet Files directory and the area where Internet Explorer stores the cached version. You should leave these files alone -- they're harmless.

Q. Frequently a window pops up (on Windows 98) with "Piwatch" as a heading. It says, "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." When we used to compile on a DOS version higher than 3.30, we would execute Setver.exe and enter the c compiler name. Under our version of MS-DOS (Windows 98 4.10.1998), how do we do this since there seems to be no Setver.exe?

A. I couldn't find anything on Piwatch. As far as Setver.exe is concerned, it is on the Windows 98 CD in the Win98_42.cab File. You can extract this file to the c:\windows\command directory with the following command:

extract /a D:\Win98\win98_42.cab setver.exe /l c:\Windows\Command

(It is not loaded by default.)

Q. I moved my Microsoft Access program from one drive to another. Whenever I try to create a new data base, I get this error: "Microsoft Access cannot create storage space in a visual basic module." Then when I click, I get another error: "I/O Error."

A. You need to uninstall Access, then reinstall it to the new drive. Since you originally moved the software, you may get some unexpected errors when trying to uninstall it. After the reinstall your existing MDB files should be fine.

Q. I installed Lotus Release 5 Multimedia. Every time I try to open it, I get the message: "Program Error. Your program is making an invalid dynamic link call to a .DLL file."

A. This message occurs if 123W 5.0 is installed after Internet Explorer 4.0, thereby copying an incompatible 16-bit version of COMPOBJ.DLL to the Windows system folder. To fix this problem extract a 32-bit version of COMPOBJ.DLL from the Windows 95 CD-ROM. From a DOS prompt:

1. EXTRACT /A X:\Win95\WIN95_02.CAB COMPOBJ.DLL /L C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (Where X:\ is the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive.)

2. When prompted to overwrite the existing version of COMPOBJ.DLL, type "y" and enter.

The proper CAB file varies with the version of Windows 95 contained on the CD-ROM. It may be necessary to use WIN95_03.CAB. Once the newer COMPOBJ.DLL file has been extracted, choose Start, Shut Down, Restart the computer. After rebooting, launch 123 Release 5.

Q. I leave my computer on 24 hours. Whenever I need to reboot it, it asks me to enter the date and time (it displays the date and time correctly on screen). Not only is this an annoyance, but if my power goes out, my computer also will not reboot automatically and it gets stuck at this date and time screen.

A. Examine your Autoexec.bat file and make sure that there isn't a Date prompt there (it would just appear as :DATE). If there is, edit the Autoexec.bat (with Notepad), delete this line and re-boot.

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