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Sound bites


© St. Petersburg Times, published December 3, 2001

Observations from the Bucs broadcast:

Observations from the Bucs broadcast:

This is what happens when the Bucs get announcers who fall low on the Fox totem pole (the game was seen by 5 percent of the nation). They have little flair and occasional mealy mouths.

A few examples: Analyst John Jurkovic called Keyshawn Johnson "Kuh-shawn" and said "Kenyatta (Walker) makes (a) mixstake." Before the second half, Jurkovic mixed up the KISS theory when he said the Bucs are "keeping it simple and stupid." (Hmmm ... or did he?) In the fourth he said of the Bucs' game plan: "Don't turn the ball over. Don't do nothing too risky." Play-by-play announcer Ray Bentley mispronounced "carom" as "care-OHM."

Fox's "sounds of the game" feature is good when there is something interesting to share. John Lynch's pregame pep talk added to the broadcast, especially considering he made the winning play. The little oomp heard when Mike Alstott got hit didn't.

Bentley used the phrase "off the schneid" three times, each time to describe a kicker making a field goal to end a mini-slump. Once is okay. Twice is annoying. Three times is ridiculous.

Speaking of annoying, Bentley should know better than to cough with the mike on.

Give Jurkovic credit -- he said the Bengals would have the best chance of tying the score by throwing short passes over the middle. He was correct. Bentley and Jurkovic also were correct during the Bucs' challenge of the Bengals' touchdown, when they said replays could provide no indisputable evidence that Corey Dillon didn't get into the end zone.

While it lasted, wasn't it refreshing to hear the broadcasters pick on the opponent's offense for a change?

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